Walmart Family Mobile Login and How To Activation Phone Plans

Walmart Family Mobile is one of the many prepaid mobile virtual network service providers in the United States. The service which runs on the T-Mobile network is among the topmost ones if you want to consider the price, but the question still remains if it will find its footing in the assembly of the very best.

Before now, the Walmart Family Mobile belonged to T-Mobile, however, it sold it in 2016 to TracFone six years after it was first launched. The main thing behind the service is that it is supposed to complement other prepaid services offered by the online store which is among the biggest retailers of wireless phones and services.

Walmart Family Mobile

As already pointed out, Walmart Family Mobile runs on the T-Mobile network although it has already been soled to TracFone. Compared to what you get with most others in the market, the service is significantly more affordable.

Apart from its affordability, another thing that pulls people to the network is the fact that it doesn’t require any form of contract that will have you tied down for a long time.  This means that when you want to change to any network, you will not need to pay any cancellation fee.

The service covers unlimited web, texts, and call plans which do not go up in price after the first year or two of use.

Walmart Family Mobile Login

Once you have already created your Family account, you can easily log in by going to Family Mobile’s website and by clicking on My Account. You can now either log in with your phone number or email you have used in your registration.

Phone Plans

The network may not have too many plans but it sure does have some that are very good and have no contract. The plans have features for talk, text, and data on a monthly basis all of which stay under $50. Here are the plans:

  • $24.88 Plan: The pricing starts with this plan which offers a monthly package of talk, text, and data. With this plan, the speed of up to 4G LTE on the first 1GB for phones that can deliver that. After this, the speed will be at 2G.
  • $29.88 Unlimited Plan: This also has unlimited talk, text, and data packages also for a month. For the data package under this plan, you get a speed of 4G LTE on the first 3GB and then it runs at 2G.
  • $39.88 Unlimited Plan: Also like the other plans, this also offers unlimited calls, text, and data packages. For the first 9GB of data used, the speed will be at 4G LTE speed after which it will run at 2G.
  • $49.88 Unlimited Plan: At the top of the plans is this plan that comes with unlimited calls, text, and data packages for a month. Unlike others, your data can run at 4G LTE completely with no limitation on this.

Apart from the main packages, there are also add-on plans which do not come with service days, and they work with the Family Mobile Plans.

  • $9.88 add-on data package of 1GB.
  • $10 extra pack for international calls and roaming to the selected destination.

Apart from these plans, Family Mobile also makes it possible for one to add four more lines to a subscription. The addition of these lines makes it even more affordable. If you are adding 4 more lines, you will pay $149.40 saving $100.00 for a $49.00 monthly plan.

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With the same number of lines, you will pay $139.40, saving $60.00 on a $39.88 plan while you will save $20.00 by paying $129.40 on a plan of $29.88.

Walmart Family Mobile Activation

Before proceeding with the activation, Walmart Family Mobile gives you the options of either buying a phone from Walmart or coming with your own phone.

If you are coming with your phone, you will need to check and see if your phone is compatible as not all phones will work. Your phone has to be T-Mobile compatible or one that has been unlocked and operates at 1900 MHz frequency. If you want to use the LTE service, your phone has to operate on Bands 2 or 4 or even 12 in some areas. If you are not sure if it is compatible, you can simply text BYOP to 611611.

On the other hand, if you are getting a phone from the Network, there are different options that are available and you will also need the activation kit which is sold separately including the Sim Card. You can either buy the activation kit from Walmart or Amazon based on your preference.

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Once you are done with the phone selection, the next thing to do before activation is to pick a plan that will work for you. After this, here is the activation process to follow:

  1. Get your activation Kit which is sold at $25.
  2. Go to Walmart Family Mobile activation page and you can start the process.
  3. Select the type of [product you want to activate between a Family Mobile Phone and Bring Your Own Phone.
  4. The next thing to do is to put in your Sim Card number.
  5. Supply all the necessary information needed.
  6. When you are done with the activation, select the plan that you want and then follow the process of the phone setup. After this, you will complete your activation.

Apart from this process, you may also decide to have it activated in the store or have it done through placing a call to the network on 1-877-308-9621. You will need to have the phone and sim close to you as you make the call.

Customer Service

Although based on the reviews provided online, Family Mobile does not have the best support, you can still make complaints, settle account issues, billing issues, change or cancel service, have a technical issue resolved or some other things through the customer service.

The customer service includes:

  • Self Help Line: 611611 and text the keyword from the list on the helpline page.
  • Phone call: 877-308-9621 (Sunday – Saturday: 8 AM – 11:45 PM EST)
  • Website: Customer service page

Other Questions

What network does Family Mobile use?

Although it is now owned by TracFone, it runs on T-Mobile network which is one of the big four networks in the United States including Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, and Sprint Corporation.

What phones work with Family Mobile?

There are many phones that are compatible with Family Mobile, although you can decide to buy from Walmart. If you are bringing your phone, it should be compatible with T-Mobile or it should be unlocked.

Does AT&T work with Family Mobile?

If you have an unlocked phone that works with AT&T, it will also work with T-Mobile and any other Network.


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