100 Valuable Resources and Information on PCs, Laptops and Tablets

Have you ever taken your laptop, tablet, or even Smartphone to be fixed only to realize that there was actually no problem in the first place? The truth is that most times that we feel our gadgets have problems, they don’t. Or at least not in the sense we think since we can fix them ourselves. There are many valuable resources and information on PCs, laptops, and tablets that can help you do that.

Sometimes, the only thing you need is to charge your laptop and power it, other times it is as simple as getting a new charger for your tablet, and other times it is simply to take out the battery and clean it. In this article, we will look at some valuable resources that will help you get the best out of your laptops, PC’s and tablets

Valuable Resources and Information on PCs, Laptops, and Tablets

Valuable Resources and Information on PCs, Laptops, and Tablets
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There are a lot of things that you must consider when trying to maintain your laptop, PC, or tablet. You must have your eyes on the general performance and components so as to prevent any problem that may come. If you can maintain your laptop, you may not even need to make any repairs on it, except for upgrades, and you will be surprised to see that it will last for a very long time.

Probably, the major problems that come up with PCs, laptops, and tablets is that they are not well maintained. This seriously leads to the damage of even computers that are designed to last forever. And no, I am not talking about you flinging them around. Not taking the time to clean them and do some little things are likewise dangerous.

Here are some useful Resources

1. Are You Really Taking Care of Your Laptop?

2. Four simple ways to make your tablet run smoothly

3. How to Properly Maintain Your PC for Peak Performance

4. Top 10 things you should be doing to maintain your computer

5. How to take care of your laptop and cleaning it to remove dust and dirt

6. 10 ways to energize your laptop

7. Four simple ways to make your tablet run smoothly


Naturally, you shouldn’t have any problem when trying to get your system started, but sometimes things don’t go in a normal direction. When your Tab, laptop, or computer refuses to get started, the first thing to do is to panic and the next is to rush to a technician. Most times, the only thing your technician may do is to follow one of these steps that you can as well do yourself:


8. Won’t laptop turn on? How to fix a computer that won’t boot

9. When your computer won’t turn on

10. How To Fix A Dead Computer Which Won’t Turn ON?

11. How to fix Android Phone Or Tablet That Won’t Turn On

Battery and charging issues

So now, the problem is that your device has refused to charge after using multiple chargers and using the charger on another device only to find out it is working. It can be a nightmare for anyone in your shoes because a lot of things can be wrong in a situation like that. Or it could even be that it doesn’t keep charges anymore.


12. What to Do if Your Laptop Is Plugged In But Not Charging

13. How to fix a Windows 10 laptop that’s plugged in but not charging

14. What To Do If Your Laptop Or Tablet Battery Won’t Charge

15. How to improve your Windows 10 laptop or tablet’s battery life

16. How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life


Arguably, the security of your laptop is the most important thing since this is the age when we get to spend more time on the internet than even the time we spend awake since even when we sleep, sometimes, our laptops or tablets are still running and connected to the Internet. Probably I have exaggerated a little, but I am close.

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Because of these, there are many viruses that are always trying to get to your devices, many bugs, and other things you cannot understand. Because of this, the security of your laptop has to be good.


17. 5 Ways to Increase Computer Security

18. How can I make my PC completely secure?

19. Surprising tips from a super-hacker 

20. Web bug (Web beacon)

21. The Biggest Cybersecurity Disasters of 2017

Keeping your system clean

Keeping the screen clean and the keyboard is very good, but what you don’t want is to have dust clogging in your fan together with hair and other forms of dirt. What this does is to make it get heated up very fast and it may lead to the damage of some components.


21. How to clean your laptop of dust and dirt

22. How to Physically Clean Your PC and More

23. How do you safely clean the inside of your desktop computer?

24. Clean Up Your Android Phone or Tablet in 3 Steps


Learning how to get your PC, laptop, and tablets performing as expected is not as hard as you must have been cajoling yourself into believing. Not only is it easy, it is very important, no matter what you use the devices for.


25. 12 Tips for Increasing Computer Speed

26. Optimize Windows for better performance

27. 4 hidden Windows tweaks to speed up your computer

28. Can I speed up my tablet PC?

29. Speed up a slow Samsung tablet – Which Computing Helpdesk

Improving Gaming Performance

There is the possibility that your laptop, tablet, or PC is not slow, but when it comes to gaming, the performance may begin to stutter. Before anything else, there are a number of things that you can do to fix that.


30. Improve your computer’s gaming performance

31. How Much Can Free PC Tweaks Improve Gaming Performance?

32. How to boost your gaming performance on Android devices

33. Does More RAM Improve Gaming Performance?

34. 6 Solid Tips for Optimizing PC Gaming Performance 

Upgrading Hardware

While there is hardly any accepted duration for which you should use your computer, laptop, or tablet before you can have it changed, it is very important that you keep various components updated when they begin to fall short as a result of more demanding applications. You can have the RAM, hard drive, and other things upgraded for the purpose of better performance.


35. How to Tell If You Can Upgrade Your Laptop

36. How to Upgrade Laptop RAM and How to Install Laptop Memory 

37. Should You Upgrade or Replace Your Laptop? 

38. The Benefits of Upgrading Computer Hardware

39. Upgrading PC components 

40. Can tablets be upgraded?

41. How do I upgrade the version of Android on my tablet?

Fixing minor problems

You will be surprised to find out that close to a half of the reasons why you take your laptop for repairs are things that you can actually take care of yourself. The only things you need to know before you can do that are your ability to read (which so far, you are good at), and the tools to open up your system. That’s all. You can actually fix some of these things


42. 5 Common Laptop Problems and How to Repair Them

43. 13 DIY Fixes for Common Computer and Laptop Problems

44. 15 Common Windows PC Problems and How to Solve Them

45. Common Android Tablet Problems and Solutions

46. Top 10 tablet problems that need a fix, fast (photos) 

Selecting the right components

Another thing that is very important is knowing how to select the right components for your laptop and tablets. This is not just for the purpose of compatibility, but also for ease of use and convenience as well as to give you good performance.


48. How to choose the right laptop for you

49. Laptop Components Explained

50. How to Choose the Right Memory for your Computer 

51. How to pick a Motherboard

52. What Hardware Is Inside My PC: How to Find Graphics, CPU & RAM 


Valuable Resources and Information on PCs, Laptops, and Tablets
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Of course, multimedia is also very important for your laptop, PC, and tablet. We all want to enjoy listening to music and watching movies on our devices.


53. 7 Ways To Stream Music to Your Smartphone or Tablet

54. 10 best free music apps for Android – Android Authority

55. Free Music Players: The Best Way to Listen to Music on Your PC

56. Why Can’t I listen to my music through my Computer? 

57. Video quality not clear – Graphics Cards

58. How to Get The Best Sound Quality From Your Laptop

Get the right software and app

There are many applications and software that are very important for your laptop and tablet. Not just that, it is also important to download them from the right sources.


60. Got a new tablet? Here’s how to get the best out of it 

61. How to find Android tablet apps

62. Best Software of 2018 – Reviews of PC and Mac Software

63. Top 30 free apps for Windows 10 

64. What you should do before using your new laptop | BT

What you need

We have all been in that limbo of not knowing what to do or what we really need. There is the confusion between getting a laptop, a desktop, a tablet, or something else, and then there is also the confusion on the brand to get, to get the new one or old, and many other things to consider.

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Useful Resources:

65. Choosing between a tablet, desktop or laptop

66. Should You Buy a Tablet or a Laptop?

67. The difference in a Laptop & a Desktop CPU

68. Difference between Desktop and Laptop 

69. Why you may want a desktop instead of a laptop

70. Buying Used Computers vs. Buying New

71. The Differences Between a Refurbished and New PC

72. 10 Reasons To Buy A Tablet (And 5 Reasons Not To)

How to Select a good one

If you have finally decided what you need, it doesn’t end there; in fact, it begins there. This is because knowing how to get what you need is as important as knowing what you need or even more.


73. How to buy the best tablet

74. Tablet Buying Guide: 8 Essential Tips

75. Top 10 tips for buying a laptop

76. Laptop Buying Guide: 8 Essential Tips

77. 9 Key Things to Know Before You Buy a New Computer


In the same manner as many other things or even more, the storage is very important. The fact that we are going cloud still doesn’t make it less important for people to get external storage devices and improve on the internal ones.


78. Tablet storage: Do you really need an expansion slot?

79. How to Quickly and Cheaply Upgrade a Laptop or Tablet’s Storage

80. External Drive Not Recognized? This Is How to Fix It in Windows

81. 7 ways to expand your PC’s storage

82. How to Install a Hard Drive into an External Enclosure

83. How to choose an external hard drive

84. Everything You Want to Know About Hard Drives

Ports and connectors

Your PC and laptops come with many ports and connectors that are very useful

85. Computer Ports Explained: A List of Types, Connectors, and Adapters

86. External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Windows 10

87. All about the various PC power supply cables and connectors 

88. Motherboard Port Guide: Solving Your Connector Mystery

89. External: Connectors For External Peripherals – PC Interfaces 101

90. Computer Ports Explained: A List of Types, Connectors

Are you using a Macbook?

Valuable Resources and Information on PCs, Laptops, and Tablets
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If you are using a MacBook, there are lots of things that can be very different from what you will typically get with a Windows laptop. That said, there are some very important resources that you will do good to arm yourself with.

Here are Some Of These Useful Resources:

91. MacBook Pro Basics – Mac Beginner’s Guide

92. How to do basic MacBook pro maintenance?

93. What Kind of Maintenance Do I Need to Do on My Mac? 

94. Top 5 OS X Maintenance Tips to Keep You Running Smoothly

95. MacBook Buyer’s Guide: Which MacBook is Right for You?

96. 4 Best macOS Optimization Software to Clean and Tune up Mac

97. Essential Utilities for Mac Maintenance and Troubleshooting

98. 17 tips for better MacBook battery life

99. This upgrade will extend the life of your MacBook Air for years

100. Buying a Used MacBook: How Old is Too Old?

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