Top 20 Gaming Websites Every Gamer Should Bookmark And Read

Whether you are a pro-gamer, regular or a casual video game player who gets clicking and tapping on pads just to pass time, the fact is you must have at one time or the other, had the need to look up an information about your game on any of the numerous gaming websites that promised to contain info on your search engine query.

More often than not, casual gamers bump into these websites only when they have a need for them, and take their leave as soon as they get satiated with what they came for. In doing this, they cut themselves off the primary source of knowledge where pro-gamers get schooled in all spheres of gaming. These gaming websites, mainly the ones we will list here contain a whole lot more information that covers different and every scope of gaming you will ever have a need for.

Depending on what you might be interested in reading from gaming websites which might mostly be news, reviews or you are seeking information on where to download your games, find here all the resources you need; the best gaming news and review websites you should bookmark to keep tabs on what’s hot and trendy, while you are at it, it will hurt a lot if you are not in the know of the top game stores where pro-gamers get the best things in the virtual world. In addition, you will also see communities where you can get interacting with pro-gamers.

Gaming Websites for News and Reviews

1. Metacritic

Gaming Websites

This is one top website and it is where it is now, out of consistent hard work in making their website user-friendly and constantly reporting the reviews on games dropped by the website users without fear or favor. In addition to user reviews, they also feature press reviews and cover trending movies, music, and even TV shows. So at Metacritic, it is not just about games but the whole gamut of your entertainment.

2. PCGamer

Everything gaming is found here, from what was in the past, to what is now and probably to what will be in the future, they all have resources on them domiciled here. Gamers who know what they are doing don’t have this website missing from their bookmarks. The website has been around for over 20 years and has grown to cover gaming news, hardware testing, game reviews and esports coverage. They boast of having a print edition which has a global coverage and in addition to this, the PC Gaming Show and the PC Gamer Weekender in London are events where you will meet serious like minds.

3. TechRadar

As the name suggests, everything tech is taken care of here; from televisions to phones to photography and lots more. A whole lot of resources bothering on games are available on TechRadar including reviews and several “do it yourself” articles. So if you have a knack for piecing together your own gaming machine, bookmark TechRadar right away for better tips in tooling your games.

4. Giant Bomb

Some game journalists have described Giant Bomb as the “Wikipedia of gaming.” It is indeed one of the best wiki kind of gaming websites with a provision for you to contribute your knowledge of game characters, people, and franchises to the community. You not only learn here, but others also learn from you. The site also has a podcast, and videos library to give its users a perfect “Giant Bomb experience.”

5. GamesRadar

This industry is characterized by game designers turning out games in numbers that won’t allow even the best reviewers ample time to thoroughly review all facets of a game before the next one comes out and you have people searching for information on its review. One of the best gaming websites being GamesRadar made name for themselves without following the crowd of websites who turn out poorly done reviews just to catch up with what video game gamers are talking about.

This guarantees that whenever a game review turns up on GamesRadar, it is the best piece on any game you can find out the internet.

6. Encyclopedia Gamia

For any gamer who values the cost benefit of not having to pay for obtaining game strategies, you will appreciate this website when you see the knowledge they have built up over the years. This is one benefit of the internet as people freely share what they know with each other almost at zero cost. on Encyclopedia Gamia, you will you will get the strategy guides of most games priceless. Whats more? You can also contribute your own strategy guide on games so other readers on the website can benefit.

7. Games Finder

Anyone who has tried his hands on any or most of the new generation games will always attest to being at a loss on which new game to pick up first after having a fill of their present game. A way out of this imbroglio is to bookmark Games Finder where they recommend the best games for you from a list of user voting and a dedicated editorial team that vets what users vote and recommend on the site.

8. Guru3D

Guru3D is a website that covers all about game hardware, news, and reviews. On the hardware part, if you are not grounded with the workings of game engines, you shouldn’t toil with your machines with the information you obtain from this website. Like the name suggests it is for guru’s and unless you know what you are doing, bookmark it. Moreso, you can as well school yourself here on how game hardware work.

Gaming Websites for Networking

9. Raptr

While playing video games, we often perform a lot better when we meet with other gamers, socialize and share ideas of our games with them. Many people might feel a lot better doing this offline, but when you have a website like Raptr, it is a lot easier as you can narrow down your search of friends to those of them playing the very games you are playing. Have you been having a difficult time networking with gamer offline, why not try out Raptr and see how fast you will make progress.

10.  r/Gaming

Still in search of a very large online gaming community where you can do a lot more like discuss games, share and see game memes from a limitless number of users, then the subreddit community r/Gaming is the place for you. There are no much gaming websites like this so r/Gaming is doing pretty well in this space.

11. 1UP

At times when I am in an extremely difficult stage in a video game, I fall back to cheats since there is an option for it. In doing this, I found out that no other website has a collection of helpful game cheats like 1UP does. In addition to cheats, you will also find here extremely helpful tips, game FAQS, and guides submitted by other gamers. Reviews, previews coverages, and game news are also not missing here.

Gaming Websites/Stores

12. Steam

Gaming Websites

Everyone knows steam so it probably needs no introduction. But in case you haven’t been keeping up with trends lately, well know that steam in recent times have been giving out discounts on its games frequently so you should probably bookmark it and benefit from the next discount.

13. HumbleBundle

Though Steam commands authority as the game store of choice, we can’t take it to be that they are the only ones in this niche especially when there are other websites offering similar service with their own blend of innovation and unique understanding of what gamers want. one of such websites is HumbleBundle which since its inception have been doing pretty well. Their prices for games seems better than what you might be getting from elsewhere so if you are a gamer that don’t mind investing some bucks on your games, this is the place for you as you will spend less for more.

14. GOG

Good Old Games (GOG) was relatively unknown until the release of Witcher 3 when it gained immense popularity. More to this website is their rich store of old school games that are DRM-free to boot. So if you fancy playing games from yesteryears which are becoming increasingly difficult to find on most gaming websites, GOG is the website to come to and bookmark right away as you will not only find such games there but also at surprisingly good deals too.

15. G2A

This is one of the top gaming websites where hardcore gamers get their stuff from. G2A primarily acts as an intermediary between gamers and fellow gamer/those who have gaming wares to sell, this is to say that as a user of the site, you can make some bucks selling game keys here, so why not bookmark a site you can make money from trading what you have.

In addition to all these, G2A has stood out as a site with a good reputation of excellent customer care services amidst the controversies that they may be robbing game developers. Nevertheless, the website continues to attract a myriad number of users and visitors daily.

16. Cheap Ass Gamer

When most pro-gamers on a budget still want to go extremely cheap to get a couple of games, you guessed right what website they call at. Their name speaks for what they do as there are many deals meant just for the budget conscious gamer. The website has a helpful user submission option and a price tracker feature that ensures you don’t overpay what you budget for your next game or miss your purchase entirely.

Gaming Websites for Game Developers and Businesses

17. Gameustra

In game development, no single developer knows it all and if this is the side of the divide in the gaming industry where you are, you should have had Gameustra domiciled on your bookmark for yonks. Nevertheless, here is another opportunity. You will find resources that give plenty of insight in the gaming industry here. The art and business behind game development is one area you shouldn’t be ignorant of when you have it just a bookmark away on your browser.

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18. VGChartz

The American video game industry in 2017 was reported to be valued at $18.7 billion, recording an 18% growth from the figures that it posted in 2016. When you have the need to have an analysis of such figures and really understand what games, gaming software or hardware sold the most, then VGChartz is where to call at. Precise and succinct tables, graphs and charts are used here to report all that play out in the business side of the gaming industry.

Dedicated Gaming Websites

Different people play different games and for the different games we play, the dedicated website for that game will probably be your first or last port of call when seeking for information on your games. Most gamers I know even prefer to visit such sites regularly to know the latest on their games as it is hot from the developers themselves. So depending on what games you play, you should bookmark any or all of these dedicated top gaming websites.

19. PlayStation Trophies and Xbox Achievements

These two websites are akin to each other but they separately cater for gamers who are dedicated to either of them. You will find respectively in both all the assistance you need to have a smooth game playing experience in addition to keeping you updated with what is trendy via their gaming news, and reviews.

20.  Nintendo Life

Top 20 Gaming Websites Every Gamer Should Bookmark And Read

This is the home of Nintendo fans, you will find here reviews, features, and topics on Nintendo Switch, 3DS, eShop etc. They also have guides on all Nintendo games plus with the community feature on the website, you will surely feel more connected to your game and its community.


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