Is Swagbucks Legit and Safe To Use or Scam? How Does It Work?

There are a thousand ways and more to make money online. With some ways, you will need to have a good social media account or even a strong website while for others, all you need to do is just your device and a good network connection- that is where Swagbucks falls.

According to the loyalty program site it has already paid over a quarter billion dollars to its members since it started in 2008. It gets interesting to realize that all you have to do to make money on the site is simply to watch videos you will be provided, answer survey questions, or simply make purchases from Walmart, Amazon, or other stores through Swagbucks.

There are many other loyalty programs out there that promise a lot of things and end up delivering close to nothing. As a result of this, many people constantly ask before putting in the minutes and maybe hours into trying to make points on Swagbucks if it legit and not a scam, and if it is safe.

Is Swagbucks legit, safe, or a scam?

There are people who have made some earnings but did not get paid because of a reason or two which has led to their accounts to be closed and there are those that have experienced other problems that are entirely different. However, Swagbucks is a legitimate program and is not a scam.

It is operated by a known company, Prodege LLC which is popular for operating online reward portals. It has partnered with big brands such as World Wrestling Entertainment and The New York Giants.

With over 40 million registered members, it is a parent company to, SodaHead, and With that said, it is very safe to participate in the reward program if you believe that it is worth it.

How does Swagbucks work?

Like other rewards and loyalty programs, Swagbucks makes it easy for people to earn through getting involved in some simple activities on the site. Open to people in the United States, the UK, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Australia, France, and India, you will need to sign up before any other thing.

After the signup, you will have a number of tasks and activities that you may decide to do to earn some points. The points come as SBs which vary based on the task you get to do. You can earn as little as 5 SB to over a 100SB with each SB equalling a cent.

How to Earn On Swagbucks and Swag Codes

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One of the most popular ways that you can earn on the site is through surveys which you either get to carry out on the site itself or you may be sent to another site entirely that has its own point system. For each completed survey, you get to make anything from 1 SB to as high as 1000 SB depending on the demography and the length of the survey.

More so, you get more surveys based on how you answer the previous one but any form of cheating will lead to your disqualification and the closing of your account.

Watching Videos (Swagbucks Watch)

Another way that you can earn on the website is through watching its videos. The site has its own video platform where you get to earn between 1 to 4 SB for any set of 4 to 8 short videos that you watch.

Watching videos on the site may not be the easiest way for you to earn some points as it will take so much time and only give little in return. However, you may decide to start a playlist and have it run in the background while you do other things.

Search Engine

Although earning money from a search engine is not what many people would think very possible, making use of the search engine can earn some points. If you use the search engine which is powered by Yahoo, you will earn random SB which depends on the amount of time you spend using the search engine and not necessarily the searches you make.

Trial Offers

This is probably one of the best ways to earn on Swagbucks. You can get many free trials that you can sign up to and sometimes earn a gift card of up to $25, or even higher. Nonetheless, you may sometimes be required to put in your credit card number although you will still get your points after cancelling your trail after a month.

Play Games

There are also games and fun activities that you can play on the site and earn some SB which is mostly between 1 and 10 SB for each game you play. Even though this is not large, it is a good way to make something while playing since you may as well play games somewhere else and be home with nothing.

Hourly Random Winner

Every hour, random winners get selected in its “Hourly Random Winner” section. The selected winner will have to claim the winning when it displays the username and avatar. If you fail to claim your winning, it will not be added to you.

You can use the SBs earned to buy things from Amazon, get gift cards, or you can redeem the points for cash.

Daily Goal

Each day, Swagbucks gives you a particular target to meet which will be displayed for you on the home page in terms of SB. If you are able to realize the amount, a 10% bonus will be given on your SB for the day.

Referral Programs

you can bank in some more SBs by simply referring people to Swagbucks. Through this referral, you get to earn 10% of the earnings they make as long as they remain in the program. What this simply means is that if people you refer get to make 100 SB, you will have 10 SB.


To make it all complete and even more interesting, shopping on stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Marcy’s will also earn you some cashback in the form of SBs. With most of the items giving you less than $20 cashback, it is not every item that is available for cashback from the retailers.

Swag Codes

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Another way that you can get to earn some more SBs is through redeeming Swag Codes each of which has a certain SB. The codes are gotten within a specific time frame.

There are different types of these codes such as the Static Codes which can be shared and are easily found, Stealth Swag Codes which cannot be shared but are very rewarding, and Stealth Swag Codes which are released in pairs but only one could be redeemed.

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These codes which are strings of texts, are case sensitive and can be hidden in the social media accounts of Swagbucks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Once you have the code, simply head to your account and paste or type it in the dial that has Swag Code written on it or if you are using the mobile app, launch it and tap the lock dial icon close to your search button and then type in your code.

Customer Service

Swagbucks has a very good customer service which you can easily contact either by opening a ticket and submitting a request or through other means. Also, on its help page, there are resources on almost everything that you want to enquire on.


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