Safelink Wireless: Customer Service Phone Number, Data Plans & Promo Code

Safelink Wireless is a service provider introduced to offer free and affordable wireless packages. They provide several wireless services some of which cater to those who qualify and are either enrolled in government assistance program or whose income is below the government guidelines. A Lifeline-supported service, it is provided for by the Tracfone Wireless Inc and the service is only open to an individual in a household. More so, it cannot be transferred.

Safelink Wireless Data Plans

Safelink Wireless comes with various affordable plans for beneficiaries, as indicated above. There are data plans, as well as voice and text packages.

The plans that are provided are divided into two; for those who want to use their phones which comes with a bonus service and for those who do not have a phone and want to receive it for free.

Without a Free Phone

For the plan that does not feature a free phone, you will receive the following:

  • A free Sim card
  • Free monthly minutes for calls: 350
  • Data: 1.5 GB free for the first three months followed by 1GB for the months after.
  • Text: Unlimited
  • Voicemail/Caller ID/3-way Calling
  • You will have 911 access and 411 directory assistance with no additional cost.
  • It also supports 4G LTE


For you to be able to use your smartphone, it has to either be compatible or unlocked. The good news, however, is that most smartphones will be compatible. Also, for you to get the 4G LTE speed, you will need to have a device that is 4G LTE capable and also a 4G LTE sim.

For the data and balance that you are left unused, it will not carry over to the coming month. Based on the calculation of Safelink wireless, a month is calculated in 30 days.

Receive a Free Phone

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If you do not have a phone, on the other hand, or you have one that is not compatible, or you just need a different phone, you can also apply for the plan to come with a phone which will be provided free of charge.

  • A free smartphone that is WiFi and data compatible
  • Monthly minutes for calls: 350 minutes
  • Data: 1GB monthly data
  • Text: Unlimited
  • Voicemail/Caller ID/3-way Calling
  • You will have 911 access and 411 directory assistance with no additional cost.


The model of the phone that you get depends on the availability and also the inventory. Just as the other plan, unused data do not get carried over and a month is calculated as 30 days just as with other service providers.

Apart from the free packages that you get, you can also get more data. However, this time around you will have to buy it if you finish your data before the 30 days. Here are the available data plans:

  • $10 Plan: This comes with 350 additional munites.
  • $12 Plan: You get 500 minutes, texts, and data.

While the above are limited plans, there are also some unlimited plans that you can get as shown below:

  • $15 Upgrades: This gives 1GB of data and also unlimited talk and text.
  • $20 Upgrades: With this plan, you get 2 GB of data and unlimited talk and text time.
  • $30 Upgrades: This upgrade has 6GB of data and unlimited talk and text.
  • $40 Upgrades: The package that comes with this offers much more than all others with truly unlimited data that has 4G LTE speed which can be used for video streaming. Just like the others, it also gives unlimited talk and text.

All the packages in the upgrade come with a validity of 30 days and they have a fixed amount of data speed except for the $40 upgrade. Again, there is no carryover of data after you make a new purchase for the coming 30 days.

The data usage is set at 20Kb for an email that has no attachment and 300KB for one that has an attachment. A minute of streaming a standard quality video will cost 4MB (240MB/hour) while an hour of surfing will take 15MB.

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For international calls, there is a $10 plan that charges you only 1 cent per minute, although the calls can only originate from the US. With this plan, Unused balance can carry over to the next month.

Promo Codes

Beyond just the free and affordable packages, there are also promo coupons that can be used to get the upgraded packages even much cheaper and sometimes, free. Here are some of the best money-saving Safelinks promo codes:

Monow33 – Use this to get 250 minutes for free

Safelink – This gets you free shipping

Customer Service Phone Number

Inasmuch as Safelink wireless customer care has had its fair share of praises, there are more criticisms for it from users on issues relating to professionalism and knowledge of the job. Still, the service remains your only point of contact in case of any problem. Here are ways to reach to them:

  • Phone Number: 1-800-378-1684 (unfortunately, calls to the customer support number are not free)

It is important to note that toll-free calls you make from your SafeLink Wireless phone will be charged whether you are calling TracFone customer service or Safelink Wireless customer service.

Other Questions

Can you use a TracFone for SafeLink?

Yes, you can use Tracfone for SafeLink. However, once you power up the TracFone phone that comes with your SafeLink sim, the sim cannot be used on any other phone because it becomes locked to the phone so you will need to get another TracFone.

What service provider does SafeLink use?

SafeLink makes use of TracFone Wireless, owned by America Movil.

Can you take out your SIM card and put it in another phone?

You can use the SafeLink sim card on any other different phone as long as it is unlocked. All you have to do is remove the sim and follow the same processes involved in putting a sim in another phone, and then turn it on. This is all you need to get it working.


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