Roboform Everywhere Password Manager
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If you are still cool with the same password you used in high school or college, then you don’t need to blame the ‘bad boys’ if they cart away your precious data. In this age and time when technology is much advanced, you have no reason not to protect your password by using reliable tools such as RoboForm Everywhere Password Manager.

As you already know, using the same password on multiple sites makes you vulnerable if that password eventually gets compromised. So, one of the safest ways to handle this is by generating a unique and strong password for every account you open. But the big question is, how do you keep track of all your passwords online? This is where RoboForm Everywhere Password Manager comes in.

Roboform is a software many people don’t really know about. However, those who use it can attest that the tool is quite important and helpful. Apart from Roboform, many online users secure their passwords with other free password managers such as LastPass, Sticky Password, KeePass, TrueKey, Dashlane, Log Me Once, Enpass Password Manager, Symantec Norton Identity Safe, and many others.

What Is Roboform Everywhere Password Manager?

Roboform Everywhere is a free password manager that allows users to ascertain if their password is strong enough, automatically fill their web forms, single-clicks logins for apps and web, store unlimited passwords, and secure their login credentials safe from threat. There are several other benefits that are only open with a paid version of the tool, including cloud sync, password audit with Security Center, Local only mode, Importation of users logins from other password managers (such as Dashlane, LastPass), Advanced customization options, Exportation to CSV file, and Emergency Access.

Released in 1999, Roboform Everywhere Password Manager is one smart password manager that has a clean and neat interface as well as great looks. This great tool is available for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. With this software, you can easily calculate the strength of your passwords intelligently while the user interface experience, which is similar to that of a conventional windows software, easily interflows with the general theme of the operating system.

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How it works is that it intelligently stores users’ passwords on their computer and then logs them into their online accounts automatically. RoboForm is created in a way that it allows users to only memorize their one Master Password instead of remembering their numerous passwords. Ever since this software was released in 2000, its developers have continuously updated it, enhancing its efficiency and strengthening it to organize and encrypt passwords of users effectively.

According to the developers of the software, all data stored in RoboForm is encrypted using AES256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256. This, of course, increases the security and convenience of users’ online experience. Do you have 10s of passwords or often visit sites that usually require constant password changes? RoboForm is the ideal password manager that can store, organize, and keep your passwords up to date. The software has three available versions. They are Free, Everywhere, and Family versions.

1. Free Package

This bundle costs $0 and features the following:

Password audit
Fills forms
Unlimited logins
Password generator

2. Everywhere Package

This package costs $1.99 per month and it can be billed annually. You can do the following if you subscribe to it:

Access on all devices
Provides Premium 24/7 support from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST Monday – Friday.
Share logins securely
Account data backup

3. Family Package

Costs $3.98 per month and can be billed annually.

5 Everywhere users
Account data backup
Share logins securely
Access on all devices
Provides Premium 24/7 support

You can always download the software to know more about the tool or contact their customer service agents through email (available 24/7), live chat, or live phone support.

How To Download Roboform Everywhere Password Manager

Whether you are using Linux, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows, or Android, Roboform is available for download on your device. Click here, follow the link and then click the Download button on the page.

How To Login

Before you will be allowed to access all the features and packages available on RoboForm, you will be asked to create an account. Interestingly, creating an account on their website needs no special knowledge and it doesn’t take time. To begin, simply click here.

This link will take to a page where you will see the ‘Sign-Up’ link, which will, in turn, take you to a page where you will apply for a RoboForm account. All you need to fill in the provided spaces are your full name, a valid email address, and a strong password.

Once you finish entering them, check the ‘RoboForm terms of service and Privacy Policy and then click on Submit. One benefit of having an account on Roboform is that it offers users the opportunity to sync their data between their mobile devices and desktop.


1. Make sure you use your real email because it would be required for important security notifications as well as a Two-Factor authentication.

2. Your password must contain at least 8 characters with a minimum of four non-numeric characters. It is very important that you memorize your password because it will serve as the RoboForm Master Password to encrypt your data. You will not be able to recover your data if you forget your password.

To log in, follow this link, enter your email and password and you will be automatically signed in. If you can not log in or maybe have forgotten your password, there are links provided on the same page to take care of these issues. Just click on them and follow the instructions to sort out the issues.

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Roboform Everywhere Password Manager Chrome Extension

As stated earlier, RoboForm Everywhere Password manager is available on Linux, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows, and Android as well as for all leading browsers including Microsoft Edge. With Roboform, you can easily leap from one browser to another without worrying about losing control of your passwords.

If you don’t have the RoboForm Chrome extension, you can easily install it by following this link and click on the Download button and if the software on your computer is old, you can as well install an updated version on your computer. You can also find out more about the Roboform for chrome extension on the same page.