Resident Evil 8 Release Date and Trailer, Rumors & Map Location

Everybody wanted something a little different from Capcom’s classic horror franchise, Resident Evil, and getting the gist, it decided to release something different with the Resident Evil 7 in 2017. Without any doubt, the game became a hit and to make things even more exciting, it was reported that work had already started towards the release of the Resident Evil 8.

Back to the Resident Evil 7, the game was introduced to be the beginning of a different survival horror, introducing a whole new series, so the next game which will come after it (may or may not be named Resident Evil 8) will be a followup to the game.

Just the news that something new is on the way has generated a lot of excitement as well as questions with people wanting to know the release date of the game, trailer, location, and every other thing possible about the game.

Resident Evil 8 Release Date

With the latest Resident Evil only released in 2017, hardly is anyone expecting that we would get to see the 8 this quick or even get a release date. Nevertheless, it is known for certain that work has already started on the game by Capcom.

Still, a release date is probably a couple of years away, more or less, because while this is in the earliest stages of work, a rework has already started on the Resident Evil 2. It is not known which of the two games is intended to be released first, but there is yet to be a release date for either.

With that, we can only be patient until we get to hear something genuinely because for now, it may be too early for us to start speculating when the announcement would be made or when it will finally be released. Keep in mind, however, that it was in 2012 that the Resident Evil 6 was released while the 5 was released in 2009.


Resident Evil 8
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Since we know that the RE8 is still in its early stages of development, it will be somewhat of a rush to ask for a trailer right now, since we know it may take some time, probably close to the end of the development stages of the game before we may get to see a trailer which may come with an announcement.

News and Rumors

Like with all other games that are highly anticipated, there are a lot of things going around regarding the RE8 including confirmed news, speculations, and rumors.

The biggest news is that work has started on the game already. This was made known in 2017 after the release of the RE7 by the executive producer of the game Jun Takeuchi. Making the confirmation at the “making of” Resident Evil 7 documentary, he revealed that the work on the game which has started will use the 7 as its foundation.

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More so, the seventh series of the Resident Evil started yet another line altogether because of the need to evolve survival horror, hence, the next game will follow it even though it is not known whether it will be called the Resident Evil 8.

When it is finally released, it is expected that the game would be made available on PC and other consoles such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch just as the RE7 but they may not all come at the same time.


If you have followed the Resident Evil franchise, you will realize that we have returned to some locations in the past such as the Raccoon City which is where the RE7 was set. For the RE8, there is no way that we can know where it is set at the moment since Capcom still has a long way to go with the game.

As a result of this, we just have the single option to wait and see what the location of the game will be because the truth is that for now, it is still too early for speculations or even getting any rumor or hints that have flesh.

But then, if we get to see an entirely new location, that will be something to appreciate because not only would we get to have completely different experiences, but we would also get to meet newer challenges and enemies.


There are many questions that gamers are asking about the updates that we may see the RE8 bring when compared to former games in the RE Saga. For now, the only indication is that since it will follow the path of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, the game may also make use of the first-person perspective instead of the fixed camera that was popular.

Although the success of the Resident Evil 7 has still kept it behind the Resident Evil 6 and 5 respectively, we may not know for now what updates may come with the game until it is finally announced. Still, what we will get to see is a game that while following the path of the RE7, will still be different in most ways.

If it will stick with the Resident Evil 7 in the development of the Resident Evil 8, Capcom may not give a wide variety of enemies in the next game. Almost everyone has agreed the 7 was great, but if more enemies could be introduced in the next game, it will be more fun to play and a gamer will be more on his toes.

Beyond just the speculations, there are some things that we are expecting to see in the next game in the Resident Evil Franchise which we are hoping to be the 8. The first thing is the return of Virtual Reality. One of the things that we found great with the RE7 is the use of VR.

Finally, there are those that believe that the RE8 needs to complete the story told by the RE7. Yes, we expect to see that in the next part of the game as well because somehow, you get the feeling that not all the questions asked are answered.


The release of Resident Evil 7 has left everyone happy with Capcom having it as its fifth best-selling game ever, with 5.1 million sold while gamers are grateful for having something different from the normal. Because of this, it makes every sense that gamers are anxious to have the Release of the Resident Evil 8 or at least to know that it is on the way coming.

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