10 Most Popular Earbud Brands

Earbuds are one of the most common electronic gadgets almost everyone uses. They are used with mp3 players, phones, laptops, portable radio receivers or just about any audio producing device. Their primary function is to snuggle perfectly in our ears and play the audio sounds of the device they are connected to. But do you know that as popular as this line of gadgets are, people are only using these 10 most popular earbud brands we will soon discuss here.

The popularity of earbuds comes from the various features which they have and what distinguishes them from others. Different people buy different brands of earbuds for the different unique capabilities and features each has. By the end of this write-up, you will be in the know of the 10 most popular earbud brands people are purchasing and using for various brand uniqueness.

Some earbuds come with phone call taking capability, Bluetooth feature or both. These extras take them out of the class of the commons by increasing their diversity of use. The introduction of these more advanced earbuds came about because more people prefer to use their phones and audio players hand-free when in public, working out or have their hands holding another thing. Wireless earbuds which have call taking ability have what is called an In-line microphone, while audio waves are transmitted wireless with Bluetooth technology. Thus, while we have wireless earbuds, Other people still prefer to use the traditionally wired earbuds.

10 Most Popular Earbud Brands


It is impossible to discuss popular earbud brands without first giving honour to the SENSO brand. They are not only synonymous with the manufacturing of popular earbud models, but are also known for high-quality durable products.

The longevity of their earbuds comes majorly from being made with the finest of materials and the best of what technology has. SENSO earbuds are weather safe with IPX7 Waterproof and Sweatproof protection. They produce high fidelity sound output, deep bass, and crystal clear treble. For a comfortable all day wear, they make their ear tips with gel flex silicone and this is the best so far.


Dabs Audio went to the extreme to create what a 100% wireless earbud should be. They snug perfectly in the ear and stay just right there as if they are part of your skin. Their products are ideal for calls, listening to audio books and any other light function an earbud can be put to.

Coming without wire’s and being Bluetooth earbuds, you might be wondering where they get their power recharge from. Dabs Audio earbuds utilize what is called a wireless/cordless charging technique through a process known as magnetic induction to charge its batteries. Charging without wires is the form most future gadgets will be made in as from 2018 and beyond. It is not surprising that Dabs Audio is among the top 10  most popular earbud brands since it spots the much anticipated wireless charging feature.

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Earbuds that promises to last a lifetime are made only by Treblab. This is one record they have maintained for a long time, and in addition to this, their Bluetooth earbuds give the longest playtime of 9hrs.

Treblab design all their products to fit securely in the ear so you don’t have to bother about them falling off no matter how rigorous your activity might be. Whether you prefer earbuds that lock perfectly on your Triangular Fossa or those that hold firmly on the outer ears, Treblab has products that will suit your unique preference.


Every desirable feature in an earbud brand is found here. Brainwavz Audio products reproduce sounds with a great deal of clarity as they were perfectly fine-tuned to give out the best sound quality no matter the volume.

To ensure a long lifespan of all their products, they are made of high-quality aluminum and durable comply foam tips for comfortable wear all day long.

The remarkable and unique thing about Brainwavz is that they have products to meet you just at your budget and still have you enjoy the full Brainwavz premium quality. All their products are known to be durable and this informs why it is a brand of choice among earbud users. Therefore, our list of 10 top most popular earbud brands cannot be complete without the Brainwavz brand.

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Phaiser’s products have a lifetime guarantee protection against sweat and rain, and for this singular reason, they have had over 400,000 happy sales and counting.

Their products are of outstanding quality and thoroughly comfortable to use no matter the extent of usage. They are designed to fit perfectly in the ear and supply you with solid bass and crystal clear treble. Phaiser’s Bluetooth earbuds have a wide area of reception up to 40 meters which is more than the 30 meters common among other Bluetooth earbuds.


This is one product that needs no introduction as it is popular for its tangle free ridge and groove cable design.

Almost everyone who uses a wired earbud battles with tangling wires every now and then. But Zipbuds solved this stubborn problem with their range of products. The military grade bulletproof fibres seal and lock perfectly to create a tangle free and lightweight earbud. In terms of sound quality, you shouldn’t expect anything less as tons of positive reviews on sound output follow Zipbuds products wherever they are sold.

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Groove commands a noticeable spot in the list of our 10 most popular earbud brands for good reasons. Their products are made of high-grade Aramid fibers.

The first thing that may likely bother you about a wired earbud spoiling is its Y connector and 3.5mm plug housing spoiling. With GOgroove products, however, you won’t have to be bothered about that as all GOgroove products are made with solid inner injection moulding and a soft, shock absorbing silicone outer layer. These unique and robust properties are important enough to secure a spot for GOgroove as one of the top 10 most popular earbud brands.

Earbuds give us the option of using our phones or other gadgets we connect to them hands-free. However, not all earbuds do this perfectly, but OVC was able to deliver this much-needed feature to earbud users.

OVC earbuds have about 6 button controls located on the device to give you maximum control over your music player, MP3, laptop or any other device. Their products are popular for being made of lighter fabrics and durable cords. And for noise cancellation, you are rewarded with up to 30% reduction in ambient noise with its active noise cancellation technology (ANC). Little wonder they are among the top 10 most popular earbud brands.

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When it comes to high-quality sound output in earbuds, noise reduction/isolation has to be achieved, professionally tuned drivers such as CSR 8640 CHIP and CVC 6.0 technology will sufficiently cancel out ambient sound to achieve total or near total noise reduction/isolation.

Mpow’s earbud brands have this feature present in them. It has since been recognized as a big contributor to their being a popular choice product for people who don’t want to purchase more powerful noise cancelling overhead headphones. Nevertheless, Mpow wireless Bluetooth earbuds continue to sell and dominate as one of the top 10 most popular earbud brands.


When it comes to a classic top 10 most popular earbud brand, the Symphonized is the choice manufacturer here. All their products come in beautiful real wood finishing.

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Wood is the best material to produce natural acoustic sound quality for the finest musical sound. Symphonized is the only reputed company who choose to deliver earbuds to us made of real wood. Their brand looks very colourful yet highly durable. They pride themselves to handcraft each product they have up for sale, so for one thing, if you are using any of their products, you are not using a piece of a mass produced gadget, rather one that was handcrafted for a premium customer.


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