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Useful Guides and Resources

How To Fix “System And Compressed Memory Disk Usage” In Windows 10

There are different processes that Windows 10 uses to achieve its functions. One of these is the compressed memory and system functionality. Typically, it is a service which handles a broad range of functions related to memory and system management.

What is FRAPS? How To Download And Use It For Screen Recording

FRAPS is a software that comes with vast functionalities that include recording games and videos as well as live streams, getting screenshots, and other things relating to the performance of your game.

Razer Synapse: Download, How To Fix If It Is Not Opening Or Working

Razer Synapse is software owned by Razer Inc., a world-leading lifestyle brand, which offers users the platform to assign macros to any peripherals owned by Razer or rebind control as well.

Assurance Wireless Login, Customer Service, Plans, Locations, Phone Number

Assurance Wireless is a Lifeline cell phone service provider which runs its packages with the help of the Federal Universal Service Fund and aims at presenting eligible clients with free Virgin Mobile phones and minutes.

Roadrunner Email Login, Settings, Common Problems, Support

Roadrunner email (webmail) is among the very popular email services in the United States. Owned and controlled by Time Warner Cable Network, it allows customers to subscribe to the email which is channeled towards the network.

What Is 123hulu? Is It Safe To Use And Legal To Watch?

123Hulu is a video streaming platform which allows you to access and download free movies. Like most other streaming websites, this comes with various categories of movies Email Login, Setting, Bill Pay, Is It The Same With Yahoo? is one of the companies under AT&T which alongside others like and form the AT&T Worldnet. AT&T Worldnet just like Ameritech Interactive Media Services, Southwestern Bell Internet Services, SNET Diversified Group, and Prodigy among others all belong to AT&T with the singular function of providing its internet services.

Safelink Wireless, Customer Service, Phone Number, Data Plans, Promo Code

Safelink Wireless is a service provider introduced to offer free and affordable wireless packages. They provide several wireless services some of which cater to those who qualify and are either enrolled in government assistance program or whose income is below the government guidelines.

What is Sbcglobal? Email Login, Settings, Support, Customer Service

SBCGlobal refers to the internet service offered by AT&T. Southern Bell Corporation (SBC) came into being as a holding company for Southern Bell Telephone following the disintegration of AT&T into a number of smaller bells in 1984.

Mapquest Driving Directions, Route Planner, Mileage, and Gas Calculator

There was a time when MapQuest was the immediate GPS Navigation tool that you would go to whether you are heading for a long trip or thinking to find your way around a city. When the tool was first introduced, it almost instantly became very successful with as much as a million visits only after its first month.

Amazon Giveaway App, List, How To Win Daily and Holiday Giveaways

The only things that are better than the things you pay less for, are the things you pay nothing for. That is one of the reasons you may need the Amazon Giveaway App.

Best Powered Speakers for Outdoor or Indoor Use

Powered speakers have sparked a revolution that has overseen the production of thousands of different sound systems across the globe. I remember the cluster of wires we had to carry to connect my father’s home theatre system using a wall outlet just to hear some music by the swimming pool at the back of the house; a common problem that the best-powered speakers have solved today.

Optonline: Webmail and Email Sign in, Settings, Customer Service Support

Optimum Online which is also popular as Optonline is an internet service provider that has a wide range of service and packages for people looking for internet speed that can go as high as 400 Mbps.

Useful Resources

TP-LINK Router Login, IP Address, Set Up, Configuration And Settings

Apart from its efficiency and reliability, the TP-LINK router has also become very popular because of how easy it is for one to set up, log in, and generally use it. It comes with a web interface which you can use for all your settings.

Xfinity Login, Email, WiFi, On Demand, Data Usage, Plans, Customer Services 

Xfinity is an Internet Service provider which is a part of the Comcast Cable company. It delivers many services that it offers including its data plans and packages which have been placed among the fastest and most efficient that you can get in the already crowded ISP market.

What Are Amazon Digital Services, Charges, And How To Cancel

In the same way that Amazon offers many products, so also does it offer digital services that cover things such as music, movies, software, and much more. These services are subscription based, hence you will be requested to make either monthly or annual payments depending on which suits your needs

Juno Email On The Web: How To Login, Settings, Personal Start Page 

When Juno email began in 1996, it afforded users the opportunity to send and receive as much as 35KB of messages. Even though this may seem very little today, it was huge then. By 1998, it had already become a premium service provider.

Smite God – A Comprehensive List of Gods and their Release Order

Ever since the origination of the formula of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and action real-time strategy (ARTS) subgenre of real-time strategy video gaming, not many games have been able to have the impact of Smite, a free-to-play third-person video game that was developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios in 2014

AdBlock Vs Adblock Plus Vs uBlock Origin: Which Is Better?

The first question that pops up is whether one should be using adblockers while the second is if you should, which is the better one placing Adblock vs Adblock plus vs uBlock origin since they are among the biggest you will get?

Mydish: Account Login, How To Pay Bills, Customer Support

Dish Network offers its customers what it calls customer support, which creates an avenue for both parties to engage with each other and also sort out one thing or another. In a bid to accommodate more people on the platform, the Mydish app was launched to serve as the middleman as well as a tool for the needed transactions by customers.

Buckeye Broadband – Login, Check Usage, Email, Customer Service

Buckeye Broadband is an American cable and telecommunications provider that serves customers in northwest Ohio and parts of southeast Michigan, as well as Sandusky and Erie County in north central Ohio with cable television, broadband internet, and home telephone services.

Call of Duty Order of Release, Dates – How Many Games Are There?

There is without a doubt less than a handful of video games, across all genres, that is more popular than the Call of Duty franchise. The first person shooter game, which began in 2003, is one of the most successful video game franchises in history. While being able to sell tens of millions of copies, it has managed to revolutionalize and redefine its genre thanks to its originality that is based off themes of World War II.

Virgin Mobile – Top Up, Plans, Customer Service, Login, Activation

Virgin Mobile is one of the worlds most popular wireless communications brands. This stems from the fact that the brand operates in a number of countries as a result of a partnership between Virgin Group and an existing mobile network operator or mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in the country.

Where to Find the Default Steam Screenshot Folder Location

The standard screenshot-taking buttons on your PC usually will not work when you are playing a video game. You might end up taking a photo of your desktop or black screen when you use the Windows and Print Screen combination. Fortunately, Steam not only provides an inbuilt shortcut for taking in-game screenshots, but this feature has been built into AMD and Nvidia’s graphics drivers as well.

AT&T U-verse Login, Internet, Customer Service Support, Packages

Popularly known as U-verse, AT&T U-verse is a broadband internet, ‎phone‎, television service telecommunications service provider operating in selected areas in the United States, precisely in twenty-two states.

TWC Mail, Webmail, Internet Plans, Email Setting, Other Services

TWC Mail is very important for people who have subscribed to the different packages of Time Warner Cable internet. To get it into perspective, the TWC Internet was bought over by Charter Communications, hence it is now referred to as Spectrum. However, it still remains as one of the biggest ISPs in the US, providing vast plans.

Godaddy Email Login (Webmail, 365), Settings, Setup, Coupon Code

Through Godaddy email which is also known as  Workspace Webmail, one can send and receive emails from the web browser instead of having to go through the email client. It comes with web login and Outlook compatibility.

For you to be able to carry out the setup, all you need to know is whether you are using the POP3 or IMAP. If you have an unlimited plan, you are using the IMAP but if not, then you are likely on POP3.

NordVPN: Free Trial, Download, How To Use It Or Cancel, Coupon, Is It Safe?

There are so many VPN (Virtual Private Network) providers in the competitive market right now and as you may know, VPNs are tools that allow users to safely access a private network and share data through public networks. Just like a firewall gives your data on your computer a maximum protection, so does a VPN protect it online.

SCDKey: CD Keys For Windows 10, Steam, Office Professional, Games 

It is pretty much easy for one to get the Windows Operating System as well as other things like office professionals free to download, but for you to activate, you need to purchase a product key. As it is with OS, it also goes with things like Steam and other games that need activation keys before you get to play.

What is Razer Cortex Game, System Booster? Does It Work, Is It Good, Safe?

Razer Cortex is an app that is designed to boost the entire performance of your computer when you are gaming. Although the emphasis of the program is to deliver better gaming by reducing load time and giving higher FPS, it also gives other solutions to your overall PC as regards performance.

What Is Amazon Audible, Is It Free With Prime? How To log in Or Cancel

Audible began in 1995 using a digital audio player which it used for the next four years before iPod was introduced. It kept growing as an independent company until 2008 when it was bought over by Amazon for 300 million dollars.