How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC on Windows or Mac

Bluetooth headsets are decent choice for any music enthusiast seeking to purchase a quality, reliable and long-lasting accessory for her/his Bluetooth enabled device. There are lots of benefits you’ll likely enjoy when using Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headsets are relatively easier to use, this implies that you don’t have to push any button or set up a connection.

Again, Bluetooth headphones never experience any form of signal interference. These handy devices are equally versatile, and they offer you the possibility to enjoy your music nearly anywhere. Whether you are working out in the gym, traveling or even jogging around your home, you can always use them. Simply put, they make your life more flexible and enjoyable than ever before.

In order to operate any particular Bluetooth-enabled machine, a system should conform to what experts refer to as a Bluetooth profile. In simple terms, this implies that the unit must be compatible with certain given set of protocols. Most Bluetooth headphones can transmit a signal for close to thirty feet thus allowing you to move freely throughout your office without losing the connection with your PC.

Making a connection between your computer and your headphone can sometimes prove to be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before. Of course, there are series of steps that must be followed. So today in this particular post, we are going to show you how to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your MAC or PC. Peruse through the article and enhance your understanding.

How to Connect Wireless Bluetooth Headphones on Windows 7

Skullcandy HESH 2 Wireless Headphones

The first step would be to turn your Bluetooth headphone on. After this, you’ll set to that particular mode which allows it to pair with other devices such as your computer. On most headphones, you’ll have to press down the power button until your headphone’s LED light starts to flash. Of course, you can refer to your user manual for instructions.

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The second step would involve checking if Bluetooth hardware is available on your PC, and enabled. Just ensure that your computer has ideal hardware and that the wireless functionality is turned on. If you didn’t know, Bluetooth would need both the software and the hardware to function. Again, not all wireless networking hardware may support Bluetooth.

Ensure that the Bluetooth chip of your PC is able to support the so-called hands-free profile. Next, place your headphone into pairing mode. On your computer, click the start button and go to devices and printers. Here, depending on the configuration of your computer, you may be forced to click on the control panel first, before navigating to printers and devices.

After this, you’ll now select Add a Device, and your computer will start to search for your headphone immediately. Your headset will appear, and you’ll select it and click Next. You would have created the connection. However, if you are prompted for a passkey, just enter four zeros and select finish.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones on Windows Windows 8.0 and 8.1 PC

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC

Here, you’ll again turn your headset’s Bluetooth on just like we did previously. Go to your PC and select the START button, go to Bluetooth then Bluetooth settings. Turn on the Bluetooth and search for devices. Your headset will appear, select it and pair them. If you followed the correct procedures, you are simply done and connected.

How to Connect Wireless Bluetooth Headphones on Windows 10 PC

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Headphones
Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Headphones

First and foremost, it is imperative to note that Windows 10 comes with two types of settings. This includes the older familiar Control Panel and the latest Setting app. Apparently, the Control Panel is more powerful and user-friendly than the Settings app and is intended to offer you far more advanced settings. However, one of the good things available in the simplified setting is arguably the easier capability to create a connection with a Bluetooth-enabled device quickly. So let us go with the Settings app.

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Go to the settings application and select the devices group of settings. By clicking the Bluetooth tab, scroll down up to the Related Settings and select more Bluetooth options. Of course, your headphone’s Bluetooth should be enabled or on.

The Bluetooth settings window will be opened. The first tab will display Options, where you’ll see a Discovery section. The section will show, Allow Bluetooth devices to access the PC. Select this option and subsequently click the Apply button and you’ll be done.

Pairing your Bluetooth headset to a Mac

Connect Wireless Bluetooth Headphones to Windows or Mac

As always, the process starts with your headphone. Make sure that its Bluetooth is on. Next, open System Preferences on your Mac device. Click Bluetooth. Click the plus sign to add a new device. Select Headphone as the type of device. Click the search button. If prompted for a passkey, just key in four zeros. Click continue and finish the procedure. Finally, you’ll be directed to the Bluetooth devices window. Your device will indeed appear in the far left pane while its status will be issued on the right plane.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, we can now use all sorts of wireless devices with our computers. In the last few years, Bluetooth headphones have evolved from being a luxury to necessary audio tools. Not only are they more efficient than the conventional headsets but they are also easy to handle, affordable and are better regarding performance. We have provided you with a detailed procedure regarding how to connect your Bluetooth headphone with your computer.


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