Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date, Trailer & Map Location

Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of those games that many gamers are anxiously waiting for. One cannot but understand with fans of the game considering that it was as back as 2013 that Rockstar Games released the GTA 5 and since then everyone has been waiting.

The truth is that Rockstar is yet to officially slip out anything from its tight lips as regards the game but that has not stopped the flow of information (rumour, speculations, and news) making the rounds on when the game will finally hit the roads and what we may get to see with its release.

Let’s go back in time. Grand Theft Auto was first released in 1997 by DMA Design and in 1991 the second of the series was released followed by the third in 2001. The fourth and fifth were released in 2008 and 2013 respectively, with the sixth as what fans are still waiting for. Since its first release, the game has been able to sell over 95 million copies.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date

Before now, 2018 was the date that many had hoped the release date for the GTA 6 was going to be announced. Unfortunately, there is no announcement made and talks about the release are quite a few, at least since we know that Rockstar Games is busy on the Red Dead Redemption 2 which is to be released in October 2018.

This means we may get to have the Grand Theft Auto 6 released in 2019, right? Even as we may wish it to be so, Rockstar has confirmed that 2019 is not the date. The confirmation was made after a hoax announcement that got fans going crazy that it was going to be released in 2019.

This, therefore, puts us at 2020 which is what some sources claim could be the year that the game may be finally out. But then, there are also sources that are suggesting that we may get an announcement in 2020 while the release could be in 2021 or even 2022. If it goes any farther than that, it will mean that fans will have to wait much longer than the 8 years that they spent waiting for the Red Dead Redemption 2.

More so, if it gets to reach 2022, it will be the longest wait that we have to do since GTA was released. The longest wait before this would then be the Grand Theft Auto IV which came in 2008 after the release of the Grand Theft Auto III in 2001. One good news here is that no one is looking at anything beyond 2022.

However it may be, one thing we can be sure of is that we may get the announcement at least a year before the release itself since we know that is something that the developers have always done.

GTA 6 trailer

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without anything spilling out from Rockstar Games, we may not know now whether or not work has started in any stage on the GTA6. More so, without any announcement, there is no way that a trailer can be released now unless something goes terribly wrong somewhere.

Just as it is with its other games, Rockstar will make a teasing announcement before dropping the main trailer. What you can bet on is that the trailer will be nothing short of amazing if you are to bank on the trailers of GTA5 and then the Red Read Redemption 2. For now, you may get to see some websites and YouTube channels claiming they have the trailer, but that is all false as you will get to find out.

Map Location

The location of the Grand Theft Auto 6 could just be Vice City, Liberty City, or even San Andreas. Nevertheless, we are yet to get any confirmation from Rockstar on where the game would be set.

Looking at the previous GTAs, it is clear that the developers of the game have no problem recycling locations most of which have been in the united states.

But then, the important thing to remember for now is that Rockstar is still yet to divulge anything about the game or even the location so there may be surprises when it comes to location even though that is not something we see happening. If we are made to take a guess, we may just go with Vice City because the GTA 5 had San Andreas as its location while Liberty City has been used again and again.

Rumours and News 

With no official words from the developers of games, there are always rumours that go around on games that are highly anticipated. It is in no way different with the GTA 6 for which we have got some of the important rumours alongside news and speculations.

One of such is that the game may have a female lead as gamers have clamoured for some time. To back up this claim, Eva Mendez and Ryan are suggested as the lead characters for the game. If this gets to happen, it will change the story in some ways and make it even more interesting.

One rumour that has got us all woken is that the entire game may be played in VR. There is hardly any way that this is possible even when you consider that we still have years to wait because Virtual Reality still has some way to go before any game can take this leap.

As regards the location of the game, the rumour is that Rockstar Games may be introducing us to somewhere new in South America alongside Vice City. While we have put our money on Vice City, it will be hard thinking of South America because GTA has been set almost completely in the US with the exception of London as the only place outside of the US.

Finally, it has been rumoured that the Grand Theft Auto 6 will give you the option to either play as a cop or a criminal. The possibility of this working perfectly is very large and it will be very interesting to play.


With all that has been said, it is rather obvious that the wait is still on for the Grand Theft Auto 6 for probably two or some more years. Inasmuch as no assurance has been given on anything about the game, there is the certainty that it will definitely be released and more than that, we believe that it will keep to the reputation that GTA has come to build and sustain.


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