Fortnite vs PUBG: Which Of Them Is Better For Me? [Quick Answer] 

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The Fortnite vs PUBG debate is not one with a straight answer because different gamers have their preferences. Nonetheless, Fortnite is the better one for someone looking for a game that is fun to play and has good aesthetics while PUBG could be the choice for a more serious gamer that wants to have a more realistic experience.

2017 was described as the year of the battle royale. It was the year that we saw games such as Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) slugging it out massively among other games such as Realm Royale and H1Z1. Beyond just the popularity of the games, comparisons such as Fortnite vs PUBG are also taking the center stage since everyone wants to play the best of the best royale.

When the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was first released by PUBG Corporation, it was the craze but as soon as Fortnite came onboard, it soon became the new craze to a point that parents were becoming worried that their kids were getting addicted to the game. True or not, both games are played by millions of gamers all over the world even though both of them were only released in 2017.

Pulling into million subscribers on both PC and consoles, PUBG and Fortnite are having their own battle royale. Let’s see how they fare against each other:

Fortnite vs PUBG

Fortnite vs PUBG
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Before anything else, it is important that we point out that both these games happen to be similar in more ways than just being the battle royale, even as they are still different in feel, graphics, and more.


Although PUBG is the first game to be released by months, it is only available on Xbox One, iOS, and Andriod while Epic Games have made Fortnite available on iOS, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Both games are also available for PC gamers.

Across platforms, Fortnite seems to have better performance than PUBG which has not answered all the questions of Xbox One and the Xbox One X gamers. In defense of PUBG Corp, it had a much less budget at its disposal than what Epic Games had. With both titles also having mobile options, it is PUBG that seems to have a little edge here.


Here, the call is for a gamer to make because it all depends on what you are looking for as they both decide on taking different approaches. While PUBG takes the path of a more realistic and militarized graphics, Fortnite takes things much easier and casual giving you a something towards cartoon with more emphasis on aesthetics than realism.

If you are looking at the visibility, Fortnite has it much better because, with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, there are times when sighting enemies can be rather hard because they sometimes blend into the environment. That doesn’t mean the graphics are not good.


An important aspect of the Fortnite vs PUBG comparison is the gameplay. The idea behind the two games is very similar; as the map reduces as shrinks, fight all enemies and stay alive. Both games can either be played alone or as a team. In either case, you have to either be the last surviving man or the last remaining team.

There are likewise differences between the two. While Fortnite allows you to build your way, houses, and protection, it is not the same for PUBG which has more weapons than the former. According to Epic Games, it will keep adding weapons for Fortnite in the future but until then, if you are looking for more available options, PUBG it is.

You will definitely give it to Fortnite in gameplay when you are looking for something unique and new in battle royale, and hand it over to PUBG if you are looking for a much deeper game that is not the easiest to play and yet interesting.


Players of PUBG get to have a much bigger map than what Fortnite has, but even as that has its good sides, it also has its bad sides. First of all, the problem that you get with that large sized is that you may have to travel from a place to place using vehicles which can get you exposed.

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On the other hand, Fortnite has a smaller map which means that you don’t have the problem of sneaking around, but your game area will not be that much. With 2 smaller maps coming soon, PUBG already has two maps; Erangel and Miramar which you play in randomly. Fortnite is also working on more maps but before they get to come, Epic Games has improved on the existing map with more locations and it is still doing that.

PUBG is, therefore, the choice for someone who is looking for a large map size.


PUBG players get to buy the game for $29.99 on console or PC and items, weapon skins, and cosmetics can also be bought. Epic Games, however, has decided to make Fortnite Battle Royale free for gamers on all platforms although there is the option to pay. Season passes can be bought

Which Of Them Is Better For Me?



Fortnite PUBG
Graphics Cartoonish More realistic
Platform PC, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, and Andriod PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Andriod
Mobile Option Yes Yes
Maps Smaller map Larger map and with a variety
Price Free with an option to pay Not free


Just as the Fortnite vs PUBG comparison will always end on the tray of preference, so too will be your choice of which to get. Both games are battle royale and they have something in common on the surface but their differences lie deep. The interesting thing, however, is that what makes them different doesn’t necessarily make one good and the other bad, but it only makes them offer different things to gamers.

As pointed out above, PUBG may just be the one for you if you are interested in a more realistic game that has a bigger map size and arsenal. If you are for a more cartoonish game that still delivers massive gaming experience, Fortnite it is. The only problem is that no one will be able to choose either for you or explain a better one unless you try it since gaming is all about the experience.

If you are wondering which to start trying first, you can go with Fortnite since it is free.

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