FIFA 19 Release Date, Trailers and News: Here’s What We Know So Far 

One thing that we know is coming each year is a new FIFA game so there is no surprise whatsoever that the release date for the FIFA 19 has now been announced. Still, it is always at the top of other highly anticipated football games of each year.

Before now, there were some uncertainties about the game after EA Sports chief executive Andrew Wilson stated that the game and other titles of the company may turn to subscription service. However, it is now obvious that it will not start with the FIFA 19 which has been greatly anticipated because of some major events in the football world including the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the movement of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid to Juventus.

More than just those, the game is coming with many more features and the inclusion of the UEFA Champions League which before now was solely on Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) as it had the exclusive right. This also means that you will also get Europa League and Super Cup game modes. Let’s look at the release date and everything there is to know about the EA game:

When is FIFA 19 Release Date

You will be right if you decide to guess when EA Sports is releasing the FIFA 19. This is because the September schedule for FIFA titles has still not been changed. The confirmation on the release date of the game was made at EA Play which kicked off E3 2018.

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The release date of the FIFA 19 has been given as 28 September 2018 and it will be made available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch. The Ultimate edition will be made available on all the platforms except Nintendo Switch.

Demo Release Date

Even though no date has been given for the release of the demo of the game, we can safely predict that it may as well come by 14th September. There is no certainty to this, but looking at the previous demo released most especially for FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 which gave 14 and 17 days respectively between the release of the demo and the release of the game, we can assume it will also fall in the same time frame.


The trailer of the game was released by Electronic Arts during the EA Press Conference in June 2018. The trailer had the Champions League experience followed later by the La Liga trailer which had 16 new stadiums.

The soundtrack for the trailer was done by Hans Zimmer.

News: Here’s What We Know So Far 

As indicated above, EA is maintaining its release window of the FIFA game so we are going to see the game dropping on 28 September 2018.

In addition to this, we are going to see the last part of the story of Alex Hunter. Spoiler Alert. It is Alex Hunter that would be signed by Real Madrid in the 19 to replace Cristiano Ronaldo who has moved to the Italian Seria A. With the license of Champions League, we are now going to see Hunter playing in the biggest league in the world with his new club.

There are a number of features that are being introduced such as the “50/50 Battles”. This may just be the among the biggest upgrades for the game because it changes a lot from what was used to be obtainable when after losing possession, a player will just move on. With the “50/50 Battles”, players can fight for the ball.

“Active Touch” system is another good feature that is coming to the game. Using this, a player can make more efforts by stretching to receive the ball or even to intercept passes.

Above most other things, what you will appreciate is the new kick off mode that offers you things like:

  • Easy customization of rules or you can even turn to “No Rule” which will allow you to play as you wish with no ref or rules.
  • you can also play survival mode.
  • Home and away games can also be played and the winner may be decided by away counting away goals after the two-legged match.
  • Long Range- With this, you get to record two goals anytime you have your ball in the net from outside of the box, while from the inside, it will only record as a single goal.
  • Playing the survival mode is exactly as the name suggests. Whenever you score a goal, a player from the opposing team will have to leave the pitch. Only 4 players can be taken out, but the goalkeeper cannot be taken off.
  • Another good feature is the First to – with this, the match can be won by the first to reach a specified number of goals. If by the end of normal time no one reaches the mark, it may extend to extra time and then penalties based on how you set it.
  • Featured Cup Finals- You get to play different cup finals including the Champions League final with official kits, badges, and real experience of a cup final.


The new release is going to come a little bit pricier than the 18 edition. The Standard game will be priced at £59.99 / $59.99 on PS 4 and Xbox One while on Nintendo Switch it will go for £54.99 / $59.99. The Champions edition will cost £79.99 / $79.99 on the first two consoles and £69.99 / $79.99 on Switch. The Ultimate edition is only available for PS and Xbox and it will cost £89.99 / $99.99.


As we wait for the game to finally be released in not too distant time, there are a number of questions that remain. Previously, Pro Evolution Soccer had the clear lead against FIFA, but with every single year passing, it kept losing its footing. What has continued to give PES some standing still is the Champions League, but things are about to change with the inclusion of the highest league in the FIFA 19, the big question is; will this mark the end of PES? To add to the woes of PES, Konami is not renewing its deal with UEFA 10 years after the deal was signed.

Another question it raises is on whether this is the last physical FIFA game that we are going to see. As indicated earlier, Andrew Wilson revealed that the titles under EA may soon be as a subscription. This means that instead of buying the coming games in the FIFA franchise, all you will need to do is to subscribe.


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