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There are many parts of the computer that you can count on, but the speaker is not one. Yes, no pun intended. For those that come with good sound, you will find them lacking in the quality of audio, while there are others that fail in both aspects. That is why instead of using the internal speakers, a lot of people rightly prefer to go for external computer speakers.

The advantage that they come with outweighs what you will get with the internal speaker, although you will have to buy them separately. They allow you to use them on different things and you will get to find exactly what you need in sound, design, audio quality and a whole lot more.

What Is A Computer Speaker

A computer speaker can be said to be a hardware device which generates sounds by connecting to a computer system. The sound is generated through the signal that is produced by the computer’s sound card. This signal does well to flow into the voice coil which drives the speaker. The voice coil is the coil of wire that can be found right next to a magnet to push air which the human ear recognizes as sound; thus, the fuller the air, pushed out, the louder the sound waves.

Computer speakers are also very capable of other audio functions or use, for example, they can be used for MP3 players. Most computer speakers are characterized by the internal amplifier which consequently requires a power source. This power source may be in form of the main power supply or most often by AC adapter, batteries or a functional and compatible USB port which is capable of supplying no more than 2.5W DC, 500mA at 5V. In terms of strong signals, its connectors are often 3.5 mm jack long, with color-coded lime green per  PC 99 standard. Wireless Bluetooth speakers which are generally battery powered require no connections at all, while other types of speakers have very low power and quality built in. With the connection of external speakers, built-in speakers become disabled.

Types Of Computer Speakers

Computer speakers

Two-Speaker System

This is a speaker which offers moderate quality sound and it is quite portable as it doesn’t take up much space at all. It is practically one of the most popular types of speaker setups.

2.1 Speaker

This is a setup which offers a spectrum of sound which is much fuller while continually being less space consuming. Its speakers have the setup which includes 1 subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers. It is largely credited to be the most appropriate for music.

5.1 Speaker

In terms of speakers with the 5.1 marking, it means that such speakers come with 1 subwoofer as well as 5 satellite speakers. It offers a multi-channel output with surround sound which are excellent for pastimes such as video games and movies, this is major because of the engulfing audio experience to which owners are treated to.

7.1 Speaker

On the other hand the 7.1 speaker is arguably the most complex of computer speakers existing as it contains 1 subwoofer and 7 satellite speakers, thus allowing for some of the more surround sound environment which is a lot more precise provided that the source media can perform at a level that is highly accurate otherwise, the output may actually give out a 5.1 surround sound.

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As good as this computer speaker may seem if you have plans to add it to your collection you will need to keep some extra cash aside because it is quite expensive.

Other Notable Mentions:

Wireless Speakers

As the world continues to witness the advancement in technology, it is only expedient that popular existing gadgets get an upgrade and this is not exclusive to computer speakers. With the wireless technology, users have been given the privilege of avoiding the mess and clustering that is associated with surround sound speaker setups. Moreover, while many users are ecstatic about this they tend to experience conflict with home network Wi-Fi.


The subwoofer is a loudspeaker or a woofer basically designed for the reproduction of audio frequencies or bass which is low-pitched. For the consumer, the frequency reach of a subwoofer is just about 20-200 Hz which happens to fall below 100 Hz for a professional live sound and much lower in tune of 80 Hz in THX-approved systems. Augmenting the low-frequency range of loudspeakers which cover higher frequency bands is the major task subwoofers are built to take on.

Extensive Usage

Gaming: Adept gamers would want great gaming speakers which enhance sound during an interesting gaming session. For games such a  multi-player online battle arena (MOB) or first-person shooter (FPS) games where knowing where your enemy is very vital to the amount of fun to be had, good speakers become a plus.

Enhanced Entertainment: The computer speaker can be used to create an ambience of entertainment in which users can host friends and guests alike.  The sound produced by the speaker during a movie show or just playing good music makes it all the more soothing and relaxing.

Enhancing Smartphone or Mp3 Sounds: This is most popular with wireless speakers because songs on smartphones or mp3 devices can easily get a boost from being connected with the speakers.  The difference is usually clear as the sound played or produced by the smartphone’s speakers are not as sharp as when played through a wireless one. More so, when talking about a wireless speaker for instance its major selling point is portability and it comes in handy when there is the need to do indoor or outdoor exercise routines or dance session with music playing from a phone.

Buying Speakers 

Computer speakers

The kind of speaker to be purchased can be dependent upon what the speaker is to be used for as well as the budget in hand. As already explained in depth above, computer speakers come in different shapes, sizes, design, capacity etc, so understanding this should give you an idea of what to expect. Most often than not, when computer speakers are packaged alongside the computer system, they are observed to be quite plastic, small, and poor in quality.

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While this is not always the case but it is mostly experienced with low budget computer systems, while more expensive computer sets come with moderately performing speakers. However, if you have enough cash to spare, if peak audio quality is what you are all about, then you should go for computer speakers that are very efficient at delivering what it is produced for which is stellar sound. Same also goes if you are thinking of buying, computer speakers with equalization capabilities such as bass and treble controls.

In conclusion 

Computer speakers are just great additions or extensions to the computer system which does well to amplify sound.  They come in different designs, forms, and types which cater to the different needs or expectations of users. If you are planning to learn more about computer speakers so you can make better choices when you need to get one, the information above should aid you a great deal.


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