Everything You Must Know About Pioneers Festival in Europe

If you are a budding entrepreneur who is looking for some guidance or a platform to meet like-minded people, then the Pioneers festival is just the perfect thing that you were looking for long. This two-day event aims at bringing the top-most tech startups at one place and bridge the gap between these tech-startups and investors along with executives. This mega tech event takes place every year and many people from across the globe visit and become a part of this vibrant event. If you are a neophyte and don’t know much about this event, then here is a brief about the event which is enough to give you an insight of the same.

Who is Pioneer Festival for?

If you are a startup, Investor, or an executive then this event is for you. Every year, around 2500 talented and exceptionally skilled entrepreneurs meet under one roof and aim to redefine the human tech frontiers. If you are a basic startup then your entry would be free of cost, but if you are a corporate, Investor, or executive then you will have to pay a certain sum to become a part of this event. Startups find this meet to be useful as they get the chance to pitch and exhibit their ideas in front of many people belonging to the same community and most of them have already become pioneers in their field. Investors, on the other hand, get fruitful investment opportunities in early and growth stage startups which will surely provide them with better ROI in future. Executives find this meet useful as they get to interact with innovative teams that work on the various aspects of technology critical for your industry.

Eloquent and Powerful Speakers

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or have already achieved your goals, motivation and right guidance are always the two tools that drive your productivity in the right direction. The event often invites powerful personalities as speakers and this is one session that you should never miss. Siraj Khaliq, Beth Moses, Babak Hodjat, Jaan Tallinn, Dr. Rachel Haurwitz, and Andrew Chen were some of the former speakers who spoke their heart out and contributed a lot towards motivating many young aspirants.

Parties and Meetings

In the previously arranged events, Pioneer arranged for a party on both the days after the sunset, so that people can interact more cordially and discuss future prospects with each other. Even a warm-up meeting over a beer was arranged by Pioneer. The main aim of organizing parties and warm up meetings is that all the attendees can communicate easily and freely and get themselves out of their formal demeanor. This way, all the attendees manage to build friendly relations with people belonging to the same community and explore more opportunities together.

If you belong to any of the three classes who should attend the Pioneers Festival, then get ready for the event to take place in the next year and become a part of it. You are surely going to learn a lot of new useful things that will help shape your startup even more.


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