Dish Network Internet Plans and Prices & How to Cancel the Service

Dish Network is one of the many multichannel television services that are available in the United States. The company, which is based in Meridian, Colorado, caters to about 14 million television subscribers, making it the fourth-largest multichannel service provider in the country. It has been able to stand out from other “old school” cable companies who are facing stiff competition from streaming services by offering very affordable prices and tempting technology. These include TV on the go, DVR, voice-activated remote system, transparent billing, and many more.

What Is Dish Network?

Dish Network was founded in January 2008 from its former parent company, satellite television equipment distributor, EchoStar which was formed in 1980. From around 1997, Dish Network started serving as EchoStar’s consumer brand when it began a subscription television service following its launching of numerous satellites and purchase of broadcasting assets from the satellite broadcasting joint venture of News Corporation and MCI Worldcom, called ASkyB.

After it spun-off EchoStar, Dish Network acquired companies like Blockbuster Inc., DBSD and TerreStar, who were either defunct or had filed for bankruptcy. It used the assets of these companies to put itself in the forefront of the satellite television business as it further launched its own live streaming service known as Sling TV in January 2015.

Dish Packages and Prices

Dish Network offers its customers four different packages that are designed to suit all their television needs. With a 24-month agreement, these packages come with a free voice-activated digital video recorder called the Hopper Duo for 2 TVs, free HD for life, free next-day installation (depending on scheduling) and activation, and a free HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz for a 3-month period. The package options are:

Package: America’s Top 120
Cost: $59.99/month
Inclusions: 190 channels including USA, CMT, Disney Channel, ESPN, E! and Local Channels.

Package: America’s Top 120 Plus
Cost: $69.99/month
Inclusions: Over 190 channels, including Local Channels (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and CW) and the ESPN suite as well as regional sports networks.

Package: America’s Top 200
Cost: $79.99/month
Inclusions: Over 240 channels, including premium channels like NFL Network, Fox Sports 1, NBC Sports Network, and Discovery Family.

Package: America’s Top 250
Cost: $89.99/month
Inclusions: Over 290 channels. Some of the additional channels include STARZ Encore, The Movie Channel, Nat Geo Wild, and FXM.

Internet Plans and Prices

DISH Network offers customers internet plans through its partnership with different internet providers in the United States. This means that customers have the options of choosing from affordable DSL, cable, fiber, and satellite internet options, with speeds that reach up to 100Mbps and meet their different needs. Also, a customer receives a $5 a month discount when they bundle a Dish Network television package and Frontier Internet. Other internet providers include AT&T, Xfinity, EarthLink, Cox, Cable One, and Charter Spectrum.

Here is a full list of plans and packages:

Stand-Alone Internet Connections

EarthLink DSL – $14.95/month
Frontier Broadband Core – $20/month
Frontier Broadband Plus – $30/month
10 GB Satellite Internet – $59.99/month

Dish Network – TV and Internet Package

Package: Dish & Broadband Core Bundle
Bundled Cost: $79.99/month
Inclusions: America’s Top 120 and Broadband Core (6Mbps)

Package: Dish & Broadband Ultra Bundle
Bundled Cost: $84.99/month
Inclusions: America’s Top 120 and Broadband Ultra (12Mbps)

Package: Dish & Broadband Elite Bundle
Bundled Cost: $94.99/month
Inclusions: America’s Top 120 and Broadband Ultra (25Mbps)

Customers in rural areas can also have access to very fast internet through Dish’s partnership with HughesNet which offers nationwide satellite internet. Its plans are:

10GB Plan
Cost: $59.99/month
Inclusions: 25 Mbps Download Speeds, 3 Mbps Upload Speed, No hard data limits, Built-in Wi-Fi

20GB Plan
Cost: $69.99/month
Inclusions: 25 Mbps Download Speeds, 3 Mbps Upload Speed, No hard data limits, Built-in Wi-Fi

30GB Plan
Cost: $99.99/month
Inclusions: 25 Mbps Download Speeds, 3 Mbps Upload Speed, No hard data limits, Built-in Wi-Fi

50GB Plan
Cost: $129.99/month
Inclusions: 25 Mbps Download Speeds, 3 Mbps Upload Speed, No hard data limits, Built-in Wi-Fi

Customer Service

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Dish Network has a good customer service that can be contacted at different times of the day and week via phone or online. To talk to an expert, call 800-333-3474 between the times of 8 am to midnight Eastern Time, 7 days a week. For technical support, a representative is available 24 hours a week to assist customers.

For online assistance, visit the Dish Network website ( to chat with a representative any time between 8 am and midnight Eastern Time, 7 days a week. You can also visit their social media handles (Twitter and Facebook) to get in touch with a rep. There is further the chance of visiting the MyDISH Communities to get assistance from other customers who have had similar issues or have information about a particular package.

How to Cancel Dish Network Service

To cancel your Dish Network satellite television service, you must contact the customer service department through the options listed above, however, the better option would be to call their telephone line. Inform the representative of your intention to cancel and then answer any questions about your decision that the representative might be asking you. Around this time, the representative might tell you about special rates or programs that may make you reconsider your decision. If not, the process will be completed immediately.

NB: If the cancellation happens before the expiry of the two-year/24-month contract which most Dish customers are on, you might be required to pay an early termination fee that will be stipulated in your contract. All Dish Network equipment (receiver, remote controls, DVR) that was installed in your home will be further required to be shipped back to the company or you will be charged a fee for it.

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Popular Questions

How do I fix no signal on Dish?

Reset your Dish Network receiver by unplugging its power cord from the electrical outlet for at least 10 seconds, then plug it back in. If you have a Hopper & Joey system, unplug the power cord of the Hopper (larger receiver). The whole reset process could take up to 5 minutes to complete.

How do I return my dish equipment?

Package all the equipment (receivers, DISH remotes, power supply cords, and your LNBF) into a box and attach the Dish Network shipping label to the package before shipping.

What channel does the TV need to be on for Dish Network?

It is usually the default TV2 channels. However, if you are using the original TV remote or channel buttons on the TV itself, tune to channel 60 or try channel 73 if a picture does not appear. If your TV is usually set to a different channel, try that as well.


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