Custom Gaming Desk: Is It Really Worth It?

You have got yourself a good gaming system, a gaming keyboard, mouse, speaker, and even a good gaming headset. You are set to go but are now wondering about a custom gaming desk. Is it really worth it? Let’s find out.

There are many who consider custom gaming desk as the best option for gamers who are taking gaming more serious than an average joe with a console and a pad. But again, the line is not as straightforward as it may seem since you have to consider things like the price of one, the convenience, and many other things.

For you to be able to know if a custom gaming desk is worth it, there are important questions to ask including who needs one, why one needs it, things to consider before getting one, how much you should spend to get it, and the different custom gaming desks available.

Who needs a custom gaming desk?

In the class of gamers, there are some that play only with the new moon, there are those that play on weekends or when they feel down, and there are those that play it always or even professionally. For the first two classes, getting a custom gaming desk may not necessarily be ideal. This is because it will not make a lot of sense to spend that much on something that you only get to play occasionally. For the last class, getting it may really be worth it.

Another person who needs to have a custom gaming desk is someone who is able to get all his gaming accessories ready from laptop or desktop to a mouse, keyboard, headset, and other things. If you are able to get all those, it is most likely that you take gaming very seriously, so you may as well get a custom desk.

Why do you need a custom desk for gaming?

For a dedicated gamer, there are many reasons why you should get a desk that is custom made for gaming. The first and most important reason is that since you spend a lot of time playing games, having a total control of your space is critical to how much you enjoy the games you play.

Here are other reasons why you may need to have a desk for gaming:

  • Ergonomics: above all things else, the promise that a custom desk comes with is that of ergonomics. This is very important considering the fact that you get to spend probably six to twelve hours a day gaming. The ergonomic promise is mostly in the fact that you can adjust it to suit a certain position or even to stand when you are tired of sitting.
  • Functionality: Since it is designed specifically for gaming, a custom desk will function for a gamer in a much better way than just any desk that is used for gaming.
  • Organization: A good desk makes it easy for you to have your mouse, headset, console, and other things well organized whether you are playing or not. Also, there should be very good cable management.

Things to consider before buyingCustom Gaming Desk

  • Functionality and ergonomics: it should be able to serve you very well and at the same time be easy to adjust.
  • Size and number of computers it should take: The size is important because you will want to get something that will fit your available space and also something that will be able to take the gaming monitors you have.
  • Quality: This is not just the rule when getting a gaming desk; it is the rule when you are getting almost every other thing. The quality has to be great.
  • Price: Don’t get carried away to spend beyond your means or get something poor because you do not want to spend much. Find a balance between what you have and what is good.

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Regarding the price, you will need to buy according to the strength of your wallet. That said, it may be completely needless for one to spend over a thousand dollars to buy one except it offers much more than many others. On a budget, you can also get a custom desk for less than two hundred dollars. There are others who may decide to build their own custom desks.

Different custom desks available

Custom Gaming Desk

Although there are not many options for gaming desks, there are great choices ranging from standing desks, corner desks, L shaped desks, triangular edgy types – just as creative as you can get. Here are some available options:

Standing Custom Gaming Desk

A standing custom gaming desk keeps you from being sedentary, but it is not considered the best gaming option. As much as sitting for long periods of time can be poor for your back and posture, standing for too long also comes with its own health risks.

L Shaped Custom Gaming Desk

The L shaped gaming desk is probably a great option since it provides excellent navigation and not keeping you trapped. Though it’s isn’t any easier to move or assemble, there’ll be a satisfactory amount of surface for your laptop, printer and to eat.

Corner Gaming Desk

The corner desk is another excellent option for saving space. It is left for you to look at the space available and determine how best to use it. Not many corner desks have enough room for a full tower case, leaving you with only the option to place it on the floor.

Wooden Custom Gaming Desk

The wooden custom gaming desk is widely used due to its durability. Made out of pine, it is recommended as it gives the expected long-term value. Therefore if you crave a custom gaming desk which by the way, lies on a huge budget, you can easily find a fabricator to craft you an epic table. Either way, wood is recommended as it’ll give you the highest long-term value.

Glass Custom Gaming Desk

A glass gaming desk is pretty to the eyes; shiny and all, and it’s easy to clean, not that the whole package doesn’t come with cons. Glass gaming desks are notorious for collecting dust and fingerprints and are also prone to micro scratches. That is if you don’t manage it to chip or shatter parts of the desk.


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