Blair Witch Game
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For anyone fortunate to have followed the Blair Witch horror franchise, it is quite easy to agree that the only thing missing from it is a game worth it. Who is better to be in charge of the Blair Witch Game than the developers behind the masterpiece psychological horror game, Layers of Fear, Bloober Team?

For those who have not followed the movie franchise, it is a horror franchise that was first released in 1999. With only a budget of $60,000, it made a massive $248.6 million in Box Office. Although in the past, there have been some video games that it got to inspire, the Blair Witch Game is the main game to have come from the franchise.

The game was announced by Bloober Team during the big Xbox E3 Expo presentation on June 2019. It is only supposed to be a simple investigation into the disappearance of the kid but by the time it comes to an end, it would have already turned into a haunting horror game. Here is all you need to know about the release date of the game and everything else of interest.

When is Blair Witch Game Release Date?

If you are eager to get on with the nightmare, your wait is almost over as the release date for the game has been given as August 30th, 2019. The game will be launched for Xbox One and PC platforms when it is first released. You will either have the chance to play it on Xbox Game Pass or decide to buy it for $29.99 USD. For now, there is nothing said about any additional platform.

More so, there has been no word as regards any demos, Alphas, or Betas for the game. With the release date very close at hand, there is hardly any expectations for any previews.

Here Is Everything You Should Know 

Blair Witch Game
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Inasmuch as Bloober has not released so much about the game, here are somethings we have been able to uncover thus far:

1. The storyline of Blair Witch Game

Blair Witch tells the story of a young boy who has suddenly disappeared in the Black Hills Forest which is mysterious, terrifying, and full of dark forces. Set three years before the original movie was first released in 1996, you will take the role of a former police officer who has to go into the haunted forest in search of the kid. Another thing with the psychological thriller game is that beyond just being a former police officer, you have also had a very troubling past.

The journey of players sees them walk through the dilapidated Black Hill Forest that is filled with various figures and symbols. Are you set for your darkest nightmare?

2. Blair Witch Gameplay

Just as with other things about the game, the developers have been tight-lipped as regards the gameplay. Nonetheless, it is known that it is a first-person psychological horror game. Pulling from what Bloober has done with Layers of Fear, no one expects to get anything less than the best as far as gameplay is concerned.

Known for crafty storytelling, it is expected that the game will have multiple endings as well as encounters. The setting of the game is a forest which you will wander in as you try to find the missing kid. As already stated, it is set in 1996 in the universe of the film.

While it is known that you have a camcorder in your search, it is not known what it is needed for, if it has any special significance or if you will need it to cover everything happening. Apart from the camcorder, you also have your dog and then a gun. From the trailer, we are yet to experience any encounter.

3. Blair Witch Trailer

A trailer for the game has been released but it has only succeeded in leaving us with more questions than answers, but isn’t that what it should do? It started with a very eerie run in the forest by the gamer in the forest with his camcorder which later goes off. Next, the thriller moves to an announcement of the missing kid, a 9-year old Peter Shannon.

As the gamer starts his journey with his dog into the forest the dog runs off and you call after it. Based on the thriller, your work in the game may not only be to find the kid but at the same time, not to lose your dog in the process.

More so, the thriller shows a gory forest which has dark forces and somehow, it seems you are trying to understand where you are. In general, the thriller presents a very moody forest that is haunted by dark forces.

4. There is a companion (a dog)

As you journey through the nightmare in the dark creepy woods, you will have a dog companion that will be by your side as a friend- what better friend. The name of your dog is Bullet and as you try to stay safe, you will also try to ensure the occult elements in the forest don’t get your dog.

5. Characters of the game

For now, we still do not know those behind the voices in the game, or even the general characters that are part of the psychological horror game.

However, we know that the gamer will play as a former police officer with a troubling past named Ellis. There is also the missing kid whose name is Peter Shannon and then the dog, Bullet.

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Inasmuch as under the Blair Witch franchise, it is not everything that has been successful both financially and with critics, the game is expected to be a huge success if it will follow the same path as Bloober’s Layers of Fear which was released in 2016 and has become arguably one of the biggest horror games.

The previous games developed under the franchise include the survival game Blair Witch Volume I: Rustin Parr which was released in 2000 by Terminal Reality as well as Blair Witch Volume II: The Legend of Coffin Rock and Blair Witch Volume III: The Elly Kedward Tale all released in the same year. However, they are far already forgotten.

We do not expect that Blair Witch Game will only be popular with gamers, but also with the dedicated fans of the game who have no problem with gaming. That said, there is still so much that we are yet to be informed about the game, hence we will keep updating as more information is revealed.