Best mmo mouse
Razer DeathAdder Elite

So much has changed about gaming, and it is not only the ability to play with strangers all over the world thanks to multiplayer online (MMO) games. The nature of the games have also changed and it easily explains why people are looking for the best MMO mouse, best gaming keyboards, and other gaming stuff.

To get the best MMO mouse, there are things you will need to consider. The first is definitely the number of buttons because that is what separates your regular mice from the MMOs. More than the numbers, the buttons should allow you the ease of programmability.

Another thing that is important is the Dots Per Inch (DPI). This is very important as it determines the sensitivity of your cursor, at such, the higher the DPI, the more sensitive and faster your cursor will move. Some can go as high as 16,400 DPI, but there is no way you can play any game comfortably with anything abouve this.

Other things to consider are ergonomics, comfort, and price (of course), among other factors which we have considered in detail before coming up with these recommendations.

Best MMO Mouse

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Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED MMO Mouse

Best mmo mouse
Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED

Soon after it was launched, the Logitech G900 out gamed almost every other gaming mouse in the market, and still holds it rather right.

The mouse has a look that is enticing and a build quality that is sure to keep to promise for a very long time. What beats everything else about it, however, is the performance.

The G903 LIGHTSPEED gives you very good accuracy that is almost unmatched and also a good latency.

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It has an optical sensor that goes up as high as 12000 DPI, making it great for almost every kind of game. This is mostly because you get to adjust the sensitivity downwards when you are playing a slow game.

A wireless mouse that has a detachable cord, the G903 LIGHTSPEED has 11 programmable keys and 5 personal game profiles which you can set up using the Logitech software which is very important for other Logitech stuff including keyboard and other mice.

Still, on the software, this mouse allows you customize not only the profile but also the sensitivity, and lighting.

The big problem for many is that the mouse doesn’t come cheap although it is worth what it asks for in performance and construction.


  • It is fast and accurate
  • Outstanding build quality
  • Easy to customize and operate
  • Good charging system
  • There is comfort for the user


  • It is  expensive


Unless the price is a big issue, this is what many regard as the best MMO mouse. It is definitely one of the best and you are sure to win at the end if you are looking for accuracy, easy customization, and even comfortable and robust feel.

Razer DeathAdder Elite MMO Gaming Mouse

mmo mouse
Razer DeathAdder Elite

It was as far back as 2006 that the Razer DeathAdder Elite first hit the scene. From then on, it has kept modifying, but the thrill it came along with did not die.

That is very easy to understand since the rodent is one of those very few gaming mice that still maintain the traditional looks and still delivers as perfectly as any other great mouse in the market.

To add to the looks, the mouse is designed with good lighting and ergonomic design. This makes it very comfortable to handle.

To the performance, the mouse has 7 programmable buttons that give great response and a good scroll wheel to make it easy to use. Also, the accuracy is good and it has 16,000 DPI optical sensor for sensitivity. What this means is that you are able to achieve fast and precise actions while gaming.

Another interesting thing with this lightweight mouse is that it features Razer’s new Mechanical Mouse Switches that give tactical and fast feedback.

Finally, you get to achieve some customization including setting profile and lighting with the Synapse software.


  • It has good response and accuracy
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Good accuracy and speed
  • Top notch build
  • It is very versatile


  • It is not significantly improved from the Chroma version


This is the mouse that I will recommend for someone looking for a gaming mouse that has a professional look and is very versatile. More than that, the mouse is fully kitted with amazing features, making it able to deliver all the time.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade MMO Mouse

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade

The Logitech G900 is one of the most rated MMO mice out there. With a look that is very similar to the G903, the two mice are among the MMOs that Logitech used to establish their dominance alongside a few others.

Seriously, wireless gaming mouse has never been the thing for me or most gamers for that matter. There are issues of lag or some other things that are sure to come up most times. However, Logitech has managed to change the game by opening the door for gamers to start accepting these mice.

More so, the mouse comes with good speed and accuracy which are some of the things I will never joke with as a gamer.

It has optical gaming sensor that rises from 200 to 12,000 DPI. With this, you can achieve massive tracking and accuracy.

With 11 programmable buttons, this mouse will also be great for FPS games. It also offers 5 gaming profiles and after charge, it can last for as much as 36 hours.

Even though like its sister, this mouse is on the expensive side, it has still attracted the patronage of many gamers.


  • It has good RGB lighting
  • Good feeling in hand
  • It is fast and accurate
  • The battery life is very good


  • It is not the cheapest in the market


Is this mouse worth sticking out the neck of over a hundred dollars for? Yes, it is. This is because of the excessive details placed in this rodent from the design to the performance, and then to the features. It is a go-get mouse most especially for FPS gamers.

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UtechSmart Venus MMO Mouse

mmo gaming mouse
UtechSmart Venus

The UtechSmart Venus is a mouse that is easy to satisfy because it is designed with as much as 19 programmable keys,

With the design of the mouse, you will be left wondering whether it is beautiful or ugly, but certainly, you will figure out that it is very durable.

The selling points for the mouse even better than its selling price are its performance and features. It has a laser sensor of a massive 16400 Dpi which can be set from as low as 50 DPI. This stands it out from the crowd when it comes to speed and accuracy.

I must point out that there is hardly any way for anyone to get good gaming experience at the sensitivity of 16400 DPI, or even anywhere close, but it still makes sense to see that UtechSmart decided to push the DPI up to this range in case Superman decides to game a little.

As stated, it comes with good features such as the weight and balance tuning feature which allows you to decide how weighty or light you want the mouse to be. The design makes it easy for you to play very long games with this.


  • It is very affordable
  • Comes with very good DPI setting
  • Very good and generous features
  • Good ergonomic design and comfortable
  • A solid mouse


  • Many people think the finger rest is not the best and we agree


This may just end up as the best MMO mouse for someone looking for an affordable mouse that does not betray in the heat of the game. From features to performance, the mouse will keep to its part of the bargain. More so, you can’t go wrong with this if you need an MMORPG gaming mouse.

Redragon M901 PERDITION MMORPG Mouse

Best mmo mouse
Redragon M901 PERDITION

In a market that is dominated majorly by Logitech and Razer, it is heartwarming to see that Redragon has added a voice that is strong and worth listening to. That is what it did with the M901 Perdition MMO gaming mouse.

Looking at the design of the mouse, I am not sure if anyone will decide to field it in a beauty contest. If the contest is for gaming, however, with great accuracy, speed, good features and comfort, this should have a good spot.

It has a 16400 DPI sensitivity which makes it exceptional when it comes to tracking. It is not every day that you get a mouse at this price with a DPI that is this high.

Also, it has 18 programmable buttons that should satisfy the yearnings of any gamer. For ease of use, it has the CPI button which you can use in adjusting the sensitivity.

Finally, you can decide to get the weight adjusted as it comes with an 8-piece weight tuning set. With this, you can add or reduce 2.4 g for each of the pieces.


  • A very valuable mouse
  • Has good quality
  • Good sensitivity
  • Generous features for the price


  • Not the best in aesthetics


For the best value, there is still a long way to go for any MMO mouse to outrun the M901 Perdition. Although this comes complete and has more features than many others on the market. Hence if your eyes are set on value and features, this is your pick.

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Razer Naga Epic Chroma MMORPG Gaming Mouse

mmo mouse
Razer Naga Epic Chroma

In the design, you will not see the crazy MMORPG gaming mind the Razer Naga Epic Chroma comes with. If you give the mouse a second look, it will be because of its beauty and simplicity and not its gaming looks.

This mouse has a performance that makes it more complete than many others. It is accurate and fast as it has a sensitivity of 8200 DPI 4G laser sensor. This may not be the highest you can get out there, but it is still very good as most gamers do not even get to use 8000 DPI.

A palm gripping mouse, the Epic Chroma gives you as much as 19 programmable buttons and 12-button mechanical thumb grid.

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The mouse comes with both wired and wireless options. I know not many gamers trust wireless gaming mice, but this, like the Logitech is a good bet. It holds and even offers good wireless range.


  • Simple and good design
  • Highly programmable
  • Good customization options
  • Has speed and accuracy
  • Good lighting


  • It is pricey
  • Not very versatile


This is for a fanatic MMORPG gamer who has a high taste for simple things that give big value. The mouse is easily customizable, beautiful, good in performance, and it serves well even if you are a MOBA gamer.


From this list, you will be able to get your MMO mouse whether you are looking for a mouse that will offer you great comfort and accuracy, value, or other things. The problem most times with getting very good gaming stuff is that the market is saturated with many options from both known and unknown companies, and stuff that are either great or only great for the trash can. As such, with this list, you can easily make your pick and get back to good gaming.