Best Gaming Headset Under $100: Wired, Wireless & Bluetooth Options

Looking for the best gaming headset below $100? Many gamers and audiophiles would tell you it is not easy to get one at that price range. That is true to an extent generally because, the higher the budget, the better the features and options you tend to get, however, this does not mean that there are no great gaming sets out there you can get for less than $100.

To get a really good budget gaming headset, there are things one must consider such as the Audio performance, the build and durability, comfort, versatility, aesthetics, and any additional features.

The audio has to be balanced and complete, since audio is as important as the visuals for most gamers, and it also has to be of good quality because you do not want something that will not survive the craze that comes with the excitement of gaming sometimes. Comfort and additional features are also important since no one wants any discomfort during long gaming sessions.

Having gone through over 30 great headsets, we believe the best gaming headset under 100 is the Hyperx Cloud II. It is a beast that beats all others in performance and comes with very good comfort and additional features.

Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma is another great set, even though we would prefer to recommend this to people with smaller heads. We have presented our findings and observations for this and other gaming headsets we believe are well worth it in this list such that no matter which headset you decide to select, you will end up with a great piece for your gaming.

Why You Should Trust Us

It is still gaming peripherals for us around here, and this time, we have gone on to find the best gaming headset under $100. As it is with our other gaming components research, we took the advantage of testing various components we could lay our hands on, for example, while testing the best mechanical keyboards, we as well tested the good cheap gaming mouse, and top headphones under $100. What that means is that there is completeness in our process.

Our selection process is very simple; we look for highly rated headsets and those that come most recommended, then we run through them based on our own guidelines sinking in hundreds of hours before carefully picking, so in the end, what you get is a top quality gaming headset that not only sounds great but lasts a very long time.

Best Gaming Headset Under $100

Cheap Gaming Headset Below 100

Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma Gaming Headset

gaming headset under $100
The Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma

It will be hard to see a great collection of headsets that leaves Raze completely off. The company has been very faithful to gamers when it comes to gaming components.

The Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma could pass as the best overall gaming headset under $100 for someone looking for a piece that is functionally on point for gaming and complete when it comes to customization.

Looking at the build and the design, you will confess that although it doesn’t look like a piece that will stay forever, it is not one that will walk out on you before you get the value of your money. While not big, it has the looks of the bully and the beast.

To add to the looks, it is beautifully enhanced with LED lighting on either of the earcups. The Microphone also has the same, even though some people including us, do not think it is wise most especially when you consider that the only way to turn it off is to mute the mic.

Trying it out on Alien Isolation, which has one of the coolest sounds in games, the earphones have risen to the task of giving what we found to be both excellent and strong. Let’s point out that it won’t beat what you get with some more expensive ones, but in its class, it is a beast when it comes to great sound performance.

Another plus to the sound is that it is well balanced and consistent in its audio reproduction.

Even though we did not find any serious shortcoming when it comes to comfort, we did not find it to tick all the boxes, most especially for people with larger heads.

For customization purpose, you can use the Razer Synapse 2.0 software which is popular for other Razer products and is easy to navigate.


  • Great mic
  • It is very valuable
  • The sound quality is top notch
  • Interesting LED lighting


  • Not recommended for people with large heads


This is one great headset on the market. If more than any other thing, you are looking for a gaming headset that comes with many customizations, there is hardly any in the $100 range that can beat this. The good thing is that customization is not the only thing it offers as it also has great audio output and perfect noise canceling mouthpiece.

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HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

great gaming headset under $100
The HyperX Cloud II

It is hard to argue that Kingston is not the king when you start looking at the vast components it has faithfully been dropping for both gamers and non-gamers. Its line of HyperX components will always feature in the competition of the bests.

It, therefore, shouldn’t be surprising to find that its HyperX Cloud II comes rather high up on our list of gaming headset under 100.

The headset comes more complete than most others on the list in build, performance, and comfort.

It is designed with more subtle looks than many other gaming headsets. Even though not many companies would decide to try building a gaming headset this way, it perfectly works for Kingston and it comes simple and durable.

What makes it very comfortable is the premium memory foam used to design the cushioning of the earcups and its lightweight design.

To the performance, there is completeness with the piece, even though it will not pull the bass to the end for you. With 53mm drivers, we didn’t find this wanting in any major way, and it will not fail even when you want to use it for music and movie.

What that means is that because the sound is satisfying for listening to music and watching movies, coupled with the fact that it doesn’t have gaming looks, it is a very versatile piece that you can buy for almost every use. Don’t just get it for studio use.

Adding to the sound quality, even though you do not get anything for noise cancellation, you still lose nothing since it is a closed back piece and it will be hard for noise to even come through.

Lastly, even though the mic is not well designed, this rates as the overall best because the performance of the mic is still great, and the positioning may still fit many people. What’s more is that the microphone is detachable.


  • Heart-warming sound performance
  • Comfortable even for long gaming sessions.
  • It is versatile
  • Highly durable


  • The mic isn’t as intelligent as the entire headset.


There is hardly a thing you will look for in a gaming headset at the $100 range that this will fail to give. From the design to the sound performance, microphone, and comfort, which is from another world, the headset is complete. If you are the kind of gamer who can spend the whole night trashing the pad, this should make you really comfortable.

SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset

Best gaming headset below $100
The SteelSeries Arctis 5

Just as it is with the Kingston HyperX Cloud II, SteelSeries has built a headset that while being a gaming piece, is also versatile enough for other things. And just like the Cloud II, it has gone out of what most gaming headsets have always looked like.

That being said, the company has not taken away a thing from how a gaming headset should perform. Instead, it sought to change the rules of the game.

If you are interested in something very beautiful, there is no promise for you with the Arctis 5 but if simplicity is beautiful to you, this may just be your hot model. The best thing with the design, however, is that it easily fits thanks to the intelligent Velcro belt it comes with.

It is surprising really that some companies give LED lights to microphones. Some of us here don’t find it cool because it gives that odd feeling that light is going to your mouth which could be a bit distracting when you first start using it, though you get to unconsciously learn to neglect it. That is one thing we don’t appreciate with the headset. However, we will not flush the headset down the toilet because of the microphone since it doubles as one of its greatest strong points. The ClearCast microphone has a very good noise canceling feature in such a way that whatever you say is clearly heard even when there is background noise.

For customization purposes, it comes with a software that is very intuitive. With it, you can easily control the set’s LED light, adjust noise cancellation, and change your frequency.

With 7.1 Surround sound, the headset does not in any way fail to deliver very great audio performance. It is good enough to be used for music listening and even movies.


  • It is simple and versatile
  • The sound it delivers is very good
  • Very comfortable on the ear
  • Great microphone performance.
  • Better software than what you get with many others.


  • The microphone comes with LED lighting.
  • Headband could have been better


SteelSeries has done what is easily a great job on this headset. As a gaming headset that goes for less than $100, this performs magic even though it is not as versatile as the HyperX headset. If you are an online gamer, this should go every mile with you.

Creative Sound BlasterX H5 Gaming Headset

gaming headset
The Creative Sound BlasterX H5

We have seen headsets that have everything under the sun except one; good audio quality. Stuff like that make you wonder what the makers were thinking in the first place, making sets with lights, and portability, comfort, nice software and everything but the main thing headsets are supposed to do.

A closed back set, the Creative Sound BlasterX H5 does it rather differently by concentrating itself and putting all into giving the best of audio and comfort.

This has everything quite differently from what most other headsets from the company come with. The design of the Creative Sound BlasterX H5 is very clean and interesting. It is built with steel cover which promises durability.

The earcups of this over-ear headset hold in a way that they can be adjusted into different positions when worn, and they are well cushioned for comfort.

It doesn’t come with LED lights but still manages to be beautiful and interesting, with inline control on the cable.

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As earlier said, the most important thing with the set is the audio quality. You still get the same massive balanced and complete audio quality when you are gaming or listening to music. The featured microphone is also very good, crisp and convenient since it is detachable. Noise canceling technology is something else that makes the microphone very good.


  • Sound quality that easily convinces
  • Top notch comfort
  • A very durable headset
  • Good microphone design and performance.
  • Sweet looks.


  • Not recommended for someone that wants many features on a headset.


We are not going to recommend this for anyone looking for a piece that comes with all the whistles, bells, and horns you can think of in a headset; you will get disappointed. But if what you want is something that will give you a great audio experience, you can make an appointment with the Creative Sound BlasterX H5. If sound quality is all you ask for, this may just be the best gaming headset below $100.

Sennheiser GSP 300 Headset for Gaming

The Sennheiser GSP 300

The Sennheiser GSP 300 is a headset that combines great build and strong audio quality. Maintaining the reputation of its German makers, the piece replicates the great audio performance of Sennheiser’s regular headsets to their gaming sets.

With the same design as the GSP 350 that was designed at the same time with this, the GSP 300 has simple gaming looks that make it the easy choice for gamers looking for a gaming headset that still comes simple.

If there is anything that will make the Sennheiser GSP 300 fail as a top gaming headset under $100, it won’t be the lack of comfort. With plush earcups that are well cushioned and a head band that is as well nicely cushioned, you get complete comfort with this.

There is breathability with the cushioning allowing you to play for long hours without getting any pains, discomfort, or heat.

Let’s take a look at the audio quality of the cans. For people who have used the regular Sennheiser, this will be a little disappointing because it doesn’t give it all that tight. Nevertheless, for gaming and considering the price, this is massive. Importantly, it still outputs great sounds for music and movies, just that it won’t perform as good as the regular.

It doesn’t get stingy with details as it is fairly balanced and the bass can get really punchy. The one problem that we found with this is the microphone. On one hand, it is not detachable, and on another, it is not as loud as we would have loved.


  • The sound quality is very good
  • It is a very durable headset
  • Top notch comfort
  • It performs well for music and movies too.


  • Microphone could be improved
  • It doesn’t come with any software.


For less than a $100, what this piece assures you is the comfort that many others at above $100 don’t give. Because of that, we will push this to the table of anyone who is a gamer that burns long sessions. But the most important thing is the sound right? It doesn’t fail in that regard as well.

Corsair Void Wireless Dolby 7.1 RGB Gaming Headphone with Mic

good gaming headset under $100
The Corsair Void Wireless Dolby 7.1 RGB

For those who know gaming headsets well enough, you would remember a time when wireless ones don’t come regularly, and when they were gaining grounds, they didn’t come cheap. Well, times have changed, and today they don’t just come cheap, they come great.

An example of such, which may just be the best wireless gaming headset under $100 if you have your eyes on a wireless piece, is the Corsair Void 7.1.

The first thing that promises something more than just the normal, is the design of the headset. Even though Corsair picked a unique design, it pulled it off real good, unlike what you see with headsets that try bringing something different from the regular headband and ear cups.

It is not only the design that gets you but also the comfort you get once you put on. The comfort is enhanced by its nice fit and the generously cushioned earcups. It is, however, not the lightest there can be out there and the microphone cannot be detached.

In an attempt to pull this pair of headphones by the tail to see the extent of its retaliation, we used it to hit on Bad Company 2. Greatly enough, it picked up everything very rightly including the echoes that you sometimes get with the game.

Also, we used it to try the Crypt of the Necrodancer just for the rhythm. It doesn’t fail here too, even as the overall audio quality is well balanced. But that’s to be expected since it has the Dolby virtual 7.1 channel surround sound.

Utilizing the Corsair CUE software, you can customize the set by setting its RGB and profiles. You can use it to also adjust your sound settings.

Finally, with 16 hours battery life, it is much more than just decent.


  • It comes with good battery life
  • Very comfortable even for very long sessions.
  • Good sound quality
  • It is a set with value


  • A little heavy.


There are now many wireless gaming headsets in the market, but if you want it affordable and good, this Corsair piece could just be the deal. Apart from the fact that the design is sweet and trendy, it rocks when it comes to comfort, and doesn’t shy away when it comes to performance. Unless you want the bass really high and angry, this could just be the deal.

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 Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset

top gaming headset below $100
The Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

The G633 Artemis Spectrum is the one that comes with strong looks and impressive gaming performance.

Among many things, the set is designed in such a way that it will deliver much customizability, flexibility, and comfort. It comes with well-padded earcups that are more rectangular than round.

It features 3 Programmable G-keys which you can find on the left earcup of the set. Once programmed, you can achieve different things based on what you require them to do.

For something that is as large as this, it is very surprising that the set is still very comfortable and easy to use, with its earcups that can rotate to 90 degrees.

There is a microphone that we found to be good at getting itself hidden when you want it hidden by simply sliding it away. The only issue with it is that it is not as flexible as you would normally find with most others.

The sound reproduction that this gives is not only satisfying when it comes to gaming but also with movies and music. In fact, this gives what may pass as one of the top recommended on the list as regards the audio quality but it doesn’t just come out of the box because even though it features a 7.1 virtual surround sound, you will need the Logitech Gaming Software to achieve that.

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Now to the software that accompanies the set. While it is not the easiest to use, it comes with massive functionality. With it, you can have RGB lighting effects, tweak and set G-key commands. Also, it allows you to customize the sound output.

Compatibility is another thing that this has on its side. You can use it with PCs, Mobile devices, Xbox one, PS, and others.

This comes as a wired set, but if you will prefer the wireless version, one, you can as well get it on Amazon, although it could be over your $100 budget.


  • Amazing sound for gaming, music, and movies
  • Highly customizable
  • There is comfort to the set
  • The microphone is very functional
  • Good price


  • It is larger than most


There is almost no reason why you shouldn’t go for this if what you want is a pair of headphones that look and behave like a good one should.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset For Gaming

headset for gaming
The PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

Sony has not been one of the favorites for many gamers when it comes to gaming headsets. That is not to suggest that the company has not made anything worth the shelve, but the competition has been too stiff.

Among the top in the 100 dollar range, the company serves a set that is well sounding, wireless, and beautifully made with the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset.

The Gold Wireless headset has a minimal design and a black and blue color that makes it easy to appreciate, even as the shape doesn’t look like the type anyone would like, but we do. Its cans can be folded for the purpose of portability and convenience.

With 40mm drivers, the set has a rounded sound. It is one that most people should easily appreciate. Feed it anything up to 7.1 surrounds sound signal, the headset will be able to have it reworked for both your PS3 and PS4.

One limitation of the audio reproduced by the gold wireless is that it lacks the heavy depth in bass. As compensation, however, there is balance and clarity to it.

There is no visible microphone, but it is there, built in the cans. No one would expect that considering the distance, but it is clear, and that is thanks to its noise canceling feature.

For the control of the two customizable buttons which are placed on the left ear along with other buttons, you can make use of the PlayStation Headset Companion app on the PlayStation Store to assign functions to them.

The set has a battery life that is advertised to stretch with you for up to 8 hours, and Sony has kept to that. In fact, you may even get more than 9 hours based on the volume you use.


  • Wireless 7.1 Surround
  • Generous battery life.
  • Clean design and comfortable.
  • Very good price.


  • The PlayStation Headset Companion app does not allow for anything really serious.


When you put value into perspective, this is the headset to make it rain for you if you are a PS3 or PS4 gamer looking for beauty in sound and design. There is decency in both performance and build that swells more than the money it asks for. What is even more, is that it was designed by PlayStation itself!

Sentey Arches GS-4730 Gaming Headsets

The Sentey Arches GS-4730

Sometimes we all get tired of the regular and we want something completely out of the box. For gaming headsets, that is what Sentey has provided with its elite class Arches GS-4730 headphones.

But for the microphone, the set looks like DJ headphones, even as it still carries the distant looks of a gaming piece. It features earcups that are quite large in size and almost larger than life in the build.

The head band is made in such a way that you can easily adjust it to give nice fit and comfort thanks to the two plastic rods that are at the top of the headband.

More than the aesthetic correctness of the set and its fit, there is comfort also. This is enhanced by the earcups which are adequately cushioned to allow you best of comfort even if long session gaming is what you prefer.

Best still is the convenience that you get with it in terms of controls for the microphone and volume using the inline control.

What are good features without audio quality right? We got both with this. The sound quality is High Definition and it is designed with digital surrounds system outputs, making it very complete, sound wise.

What spoils sound quality more than most things is having noise interferences into what you are listening to. Because this is designed to cancel noise, there is completeness as regards sound reproduction with the set.

It comes with a software that doesn’t give more than just the basic sound controls. Even as it scores less than a pass mark with its software, it features the vibration function which gives you impact when gaming. This isn’t the best thing for us with the set, but there are many people that may love it for just that.


  • Premium class comfort
  • Excellent HD audio performance
  • Comes different from many others
  • Good price.


  • The software could be better.


Some years back, we would hardly have a Senteys on our list if we were collecting. But times have changed and we have been surprised by what we got from this. The Sentey Arches GS-4730 gaming headset is what we recommend for someone looking for a headset that is very different in a very good way. The best thing about this is that it comes complete and cheap.

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Razer Kraken Pro Analog Gaming Headset

The Razer Kraken Pro Analog

Most times, gamers want something that comes with plenty features. Well, this doesn’t, yet it still beats many when it comes to the main functions of a gaming headset; hearing and being heard clearly and comfortability.

The set is designed with such simplicity that could have gone off track if it were made by a less experienced company. Like any headset from Razer, this is pleasing to the eye but not necessarily as beautiful as many of its other peers.

It is a plastic material that dominates the set, but the cans are metal covered; speaking of one thing; durability in spite of its lightness.

As a result of the design, we have come very close to completely agreeing with the company’s claim that this is the most comfortable headset ever. You will mostly agree when you wear the set with both earcups fitted with memory foam and a retractable boom mic that will aid for convenience.

Razer did not make this for listening to music or watching movies, so we would not advise you to go for this if you are looking for a set of cans that will cover you with those too. Don’t get it wrong, the audio quality is good, but it is strictly designed for gaming.

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The bass is stronger than what most gamers would need for music listening, but for FSP games, this may just be it. Don’t just get the volume too high as you won’t escape distortion. The best performance of the set is at the mids, but the balance is slightly missing.

It has a boom microphone that is attached to the left ear. The mic is flexible even as it easily retracts, making it have the complete points when you take a look at that part. That is except for the fact that it doesn’t have an in-line control that will have the volume lowered or muted.


  • Simple yet intelligent
  • Comes with great comfort
  • The sound performance is top notch
  • Lightweight


  • No in-line microphone control.


What this beats most others with is the simplicity that can make gaming to be pleasurable. It doesn’t bring any extra feature to the table, but the clarity and power of performance it gives makes it a recommended piece most especially for someone who wants to keep it simple and great, but strictly for gaming.


Gamers know that the best gaming experience comes when everything is fast and responsive, and you are getting great audio and visual experiences. That is why in fact, companies take out time to create all the components differently and specifically.

As regards the audio, a good headset is almost everything. What we have on our collection are the very best you can get when you are in the $100 range. They do not only give you great sound quality but are also fantastic in build and comfort. That being said, they all, like everything else, have their little limitations, even though the limitations are not bad enough to kick them off our list.

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