Best Funny WiFi Names That Are Not Just Clever But Also Creative

Unique, funny, creative, and clever WiFi names have become the order of the day since the accessibility to the nearest wireless internet connection is very essential to our living. In recent times, there has been so much dependence on not just any type of internet connection, but reliable and fast internet.

Because of this, almost everybody who can afford to get a wireless internet router in which they can be able to connect all their devices (smartphone, television, laptop, PC, etc), and possibly those of their family members, have gotten and installed one in their homes. Shop owners have even gone ahead to install wireless routers in their shops in order to attract more customers. Free internet has proven to be a huge attraction to people, so that at least while they wait for their turn to get a haircut or their weave done, or patronize whatever service it is that you may be offering, they could be able to access the internet to send out that tweet, meme, and picture that would get them trending and more followers or give their opinion on a social issue they carry close to their heart.

Whatever the case may be, the possibility of there being an available WiFi very close for you to connect to in an apartment building or the mall is very high. To differentiate which wireless router belongs to who, owners have chosen to rename their routers with their surnames or business names. However, just seeing available connections that were simply called “The Johnsons,” “Soul Barbers,” or “Mackenzie’s Pastries,” is not as exciting as seeing them in variations that could include “Just For The Johnsons,” “Soul Barbers Got You,” or “Mackenzie’s Pastries Connect.”

People tend to use their WiFi names as a way of expressing their creativity, sense of humor, beliefs, hatred, and in some cases, as an opportunity to send a subliminal message to a neighbor since one way or another, everybody tends to check out the list of available connections even if they too might have one for themselves. Below is a list of the funniest and creative WiFi names, as well as those that might be somewhat creepy. We have opted to group them into different categories and also explain some of them for those that might be slow to understand their meanings. Feel free to take one of them if you are finding it hard to come up with a suitable name for yourself.

Note: Depending on your provider and setup restrictions, special characters like punctuation marks or other symbols (!, ?, @, %, &) and the dollar or other monetary signs ($, £, €) may not be allowed in your wifi name. Regardless, there is still more than enough WiFi names to go around.

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Best WiFi Names

(Funny and Creepy)

– Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wifi (Bible Commandment)
– Wi-Fight the Inevitable
– It Burns When IP (IP – Urinate)
– IP a Lot
– IP Steady Streams
– Abraham Linksys (US President)
– Bandwidth Together
– Nacho Wifi
– No LAN for the Wicked
– I Did Your Wifi Last Night
– I Now Pronounce You Man and Wifi
– Router? I Hardly Knew Her
– Bandwidth on the Run (Bandits – Bandwidth)
– Wi-Fight When We Can Make Love
– Wham Bam Thank You LAN
– Winter WonderLAN (Hyde Park Winter Wonderland)
– The Promised LAN (Bible Reference)
– The LAN Before Time
– PorqueFi (Why in Spanish is porque and porqué)
– Definitely Not Wifi
– Escaped Nigerian Prince (E-mail Scam Reference)
– Byte Me
– If I Had Your Wifi Wouldn’t Need Internet
– Titanic Syncing (Titanic Movie)
– Trust in God but Protect Your WiFi
– The Password is…
– Open Sesame
– Wi-Fi, do you love me?
– Pokemon Slo (Mobile Game)
– Wi-Fry Chicken
– Wifi Art Thou Romeo
– Safe Levels of Radiation
– You Shall Not Password
– Comcasterly Rock (Comcast service provider and Game of Thrones)
– That’s What She SSID (SSID means Service Set IDentifiers or what we call WiFi Names)

WiFi Names Inspired By Television Series, Movies, and Music

– House LANister (Game of Thrones)
– A WiFi Has No Name (Game of Thrones)
– The Sites Watch (Game of Thrones)
– Hogwarts School of Free WiFi (Harry Potter)
– Luke, I Am Your WiFi (Star Wars)
– The WiFi Soldier (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
– Web of Spiderman (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
– The Bifrost (Thor – Marvel Cinematic Universe)
– How I Met Your Wifi (How I Met Your Mother)
– Guardians of the Gateway (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
– Drop It Like It’s Hotspot (Snoop Dogg song)
– The Silence of the LAN (The Silence of the Lambs)
– No More Mister Wifi
– I Believe Wi Can Fi (R. Kelly song)
– Keep it on the Download (R. Kelly song)
– Wu Tang LAN
– Everyday I’m Buffering
– Girls Gone Wireless
– Now You See Me…
– Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?
– Final Fantasy Finally Finishes
– Is it me you’re looking for? (Lionel Richie song)
– A LANister Never Forgets (Game of Thrones)
– Winternet is Coming (Game of Thrones)
– May the Wi-Force Be With You (Star Wars)

WiFi Names Signaling Intention To Share

– LAN of Milk and Honey
– The LAN of the Free (American Anthem)
– Click Here for Wifi
– Click Here to Download
– This LAN is Your LAN
– Jump on the Bandwidth

WiFi Names Signaling Intention To Not Share

– Virus Detected
– Free Virus
– Click Here For Viruses
– It Will Harm Your Device
– Connect and Die
– I Can Hack You
– Russian Hackers
– FBI Surveillance
– NSA Surveillance Station 4
– You Are Hacked
– Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbour’s WiFi
– Get Your Own WiFi
– Use At Your Own Risk
– Unprotected Cex
– Slower than Yo Momma
– Not the Wifi You’re Looking For
– Get off my LAN
– This LAN Is My LAN
– Untrusted Network
– No Internet Access
– Move On
– Shout Cheapskate For Password

Passive Aggressive WiFi Names Used To Communicate

Image Source

– Who Pooped in the Pool
– Whose Car Alarm is That
– You Fart Pretty Loud
– Shut Your Dog Up
– Your Music Is Annoying
– You Are An Annoying Neighbor

How To Change WiFi Name and Password

1. Launch your favorite internet browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer, etc) and type into the address bar.

2. In the page that displays, enter the router Username and Password when prompted then click OK. (username is admin and password is password)

3. When the BASIC Home page displays, select wireless and enter your new username in the Name/SSID field. Also, enter your new password in the Password/Network Key fields.

4. Click the Apply button to save changes and complete the process.


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