Best 140mm case fans
Corsair ML140 Pro LED

There are different things that make the best 140mm case fans for many people, including silence, airflow, and speed among other things.

Although the 120mm case fans still remain the most popular and highly preferable by many, the 140mm fans are also having many cases designed for them these days.

The big irony with case fans is that the more performance they deliver, the louder they become. What this means is that the faster it spins and the more airflow it offers, the more the likelihood that it will go less silent.

Nevertheless, based on their makes, there are some that are designed to perform and still do it in a humble way without making noise about it. Those are the ones I have collected, and they offer other great benefits such as controlled vibration, ease of use, and brilliance of design.

Best 140mm Case Fans

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Best 140mm Case Fans Reviewed

Thermaltake Riing 14 RGB Series Case Fan

140mm case fans
Thermaltake Riing 14 RGB Series

The Thermaltake Riing 14 RGB Series is on the large side of the RGB series, but they are likewise beautiful like their other peers thanks to good LED lighting.

Well built, the Riing 14 comes with almost everything you will need whether you want to fit it in a case or outside. This includes a set of screws and Velcro.

Most importantly, the fans have very good performance as they give a speed of 800-1400 RPM. Considering this, the airflow is 51.15 CFM while the noise level is 28.1 dBA. What this means is that the fans to not make noise when performing.

Interestingly enough, this also comes with a digital fan controller that allows you to play/pause, control your speed, and decide the mode from the different available LED lighting.

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The controller is quite nice except that you will need to be careful so as not to damage it and ensure you have it in a place that you can easily access.


  • The speed is good.
  • Has a digital fan controller
  • One of the most beautiful
  • Has silent performance.
  • Good quality.


  • It is on the expensive side of things.
  • No software.


It is important to point out again above all, that even though these fans are not the cheapest the market has for you, there is hardly any expectations that they would fail to meet most especially if you have a huge appetite for well-designed fans that perform great.

Noctua 140mm Premium Quiet Quality Case Fan with AAO Frame Technology (NF-A14 PWM)

140mm case fans
Noctua 140mm Premium Quiet Quality Fan (NF-A14 PWM)

The NF-A14 PWM has remained one of the best among many others because of the premium quality and performance it delivers.

The fan is designed with nice looks even though not exceptional. What is exceptional is the quality of the build. From the fans to the cable and in fact, every other thing is strongly built to last.

Performance wise, there is no foot dragging as it has a fan speed of 1500 RPM and airflow of 82.5 CFM. Through it all, there is no vibration for one to experience since it features Integrated Anti-Vibration Pads.

One of the things you get to appreciate with fan is how it gets to produce absolute silence to a close to 1000 RMP. When you get pass this speed, you may experience some little sounds, but that is if you pay attention.

That said, the maximum noise you get is 24.6 dBA. But if you make use of the Low-Noise-Adaptor (LNA) it comes with, you are sure to drop the noise to 19.2 dBA. You achieve this thanks to the PWM integrated circuit chips which ensure that even with a change in voltage, you still remain with no noise.


  • Great cooling performance.
  • Top notch silent performance
  • Good quality
  • Easy to control.
  • Warranty of 6 years.


  • Some people may wish it was a little cheaper.


A premium minded case fan, this is a fan that has a well detailed and serious minded performance and still offers no noise. Hence, this is the one to recommend to the elite gamer who wants to achieve the best from a 140mm case fan.

Corsair ML140 Pro LED 140MM Case Fans

140mm case fans
Corsair ML140 Pro LED case fan

Corsair has been the most consistent in the case fan market as it stands just beside Noctua and a few others.

With the ML140 Pro LED, it offers a device that like the 120mm has a variety of LEDs from red, white, and blue. It features magnetic levitation which at its core, seeks to give better performance and lower noise.

For the purpose of reduced vibration, the fan has rubber dampers which are easily interchangeable on the sides.

Looking at the speed, the ML140 delivers a speed that rises from 400 RPM to 2000 RPM. This is mostly great because most others offer less. As it is with the airflow, you are sure to get between 20 CFM to 100 CFM.

Giving an RPM that rises to as high as 2000 RPM; the noise level is one thing that many people would worry about, naturally. Nevertheless, the noise level is not the one you will not get completely, but it is not as high as one would expect. It goes from 16 to 37 dBA. This is the same you get with the 120mm.


  • Aesthetically rich.
  • Generous cooling performance.
  • Considerably noiseless.
  • Good features to reduce noise and vibration.


  • Not the most silent.


The ML fans do not come to make it rain, but if you want to make some good and beautiful changes to your gaming PC, it is a good bet. Hardly is there any new technology here, but the old one is intelligently used and that is why it is one of our best 140mm case fans.

Phanteks 140mm Cooling Fan (PH-F140SP_BK)

case fans
Phanteks 140mm Cooling Fan (PH-F140SP_BK)

A little before now, not many gamers would want to put money on Phanteks, because it is not as popular as Corsair, Noctua, or even NZXT Technologies. Nevertheless, things have changed and the table is beginning to favor that we may soon have a real bet in this.

This is even as we already have a 140mm cooling fan bet with the company’s PH-F140SP_BK which is definitely one of the best 140mm case fans you will find today.

Without any serious efforts to make it beautiful, the fan still comes just okay, even though not the one to rock the runway.

Performance wise, the fan returns very good with a speed of 1200 RMP. The airflow is also very good because at maximum, you get to record 82.1 CFM. Now, that is not something that you can get with many others.

Looking at the noise, you get to record 19 dB (A). This means that the noise level is very low, and even when you have 6V, the noise level is still very low. That makes much sense since Phanteks has made it clear that noise challenge, as well as high static pressure and blade deflection, are the specific reasons for creating this piece.


  • Low noise level.
  • Great airflow
  • Solid and sturdy construction.
  • It is very valuable


  • Not the easiest to set, but once that is done, you will achieve the best.


With good performance, this is another fan that is exceptional for someone that is looking for one that has very silent performance. More so, this combines speed, good airflow, and silence, to make it a very wise choice.

Corsair Air Series AF140 Quiet Edition Single Case Fan

140mm case fans
Corsair Air Series AF140

For a company that has grown into deciding how the competition moves, Corsair has come to develop case fans that are effortless in design and performance. That is easily the story of the AF140 Quiet Edition.

The fan comes with a red and black design and up to eleven ultra-thin blades that function like magic.

Looking at the performance the case fan offers a speed of 1150 RPM, and you don’t get any vibration thanks to the rubber corners it has.

With a 1150 RPM, the noise level is at 24 dBA at maximum. You will, therefore, get some whining sound when running at a max. This doesn’t mean things would get messy in the aspect of sound but for a quiet edition, I will definitely ask for dead silent performance. That said, it is still good because 24 dBA is still not loud most especially when you have a little game volume on.

Some extras it comes with are mounting screws like many others and a voltage step-down adapter. What this does is to allow you have a lower speed performance most especially when you need to eliminate noise completely.


  • Very good fan quality
  • The performance is very good.
  • Nice lighting that can easily be customized.
  • Good extras.


  • A little whining sound when at the max speed.


The Corsair Air Series AF140 Quiet Edition doesn’t offer one thing in an exceptional manner. Instead, it gives you everything in a good way. The quality is good, the speed and airflow are good, and the noise control is quite alright.

NZXT Technologies NZXT FZ-140mm Cooling RF-FZ140-02 Case Fan

140mm case fans
NZXT FZ-140MM Cooling RF-FZ140-02

NZXT is a company that came on the scene in 2004. Over the years it has taken to producing great stuff, but it is only recently that the company seem to have the game where it wants it to be.

That is very evident in NZXT FZ-140MM that is pleasing to the eye and game changing in the aspect of airflow delivery.

Before any other thing, the speed of the fan at 1000 RPM almost got me skeptical about the overall thing it has to offer, but speed is the only thing that it lacks.

The airflow is extremely great as 83.6 CFM. This is even higher than the Noctua NF-A14 that is at 82.5 CFM. Yet it is lower than the Corsair ML 140 which can get as high as 100 CFM. At this point, however, the Corsair can get to 37 dBA in noise.

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With 13 blades, the fan comes with a long-life bearing to ensure that you get stability and a long usage of the product. Also, if it is your pick, you can decide to go with the red, blue, orange, white, and green.


  • Great airflow performance
  • The low noise level.
  • Unique looks and performance.
  • It has a number of color variants.


  • Not the best in speed.


If you want a piece that will give you a very good airflow and still not give noise, this is the game. More so, it is not only unique in looks but as well in performance.


The thing about the empty gongs making the loudest noise doesn’t appear here, as it is in fact, the better-performing ones that make more noise in case fans. Or that is how it should be. However, we have been able to collect very good or even the best 140mm case fans that perform very greatly and yet without the noise.