Benefits Of Wireless Internet (WiFi) Over Wired Connection

The benefits of wireless internet (WiFi) cannot be measured; as it stands, they are overwhelming to count. However, at one point or the other, you’ve had to ask yourself where it stands compared to the wired connection – which one is better, faster, more cost-effective, and more efficient? To begin with, wireless connection or WiFi refers to a wireless networking technology which provides wireless high-speed network connections and high-speed internet through radio waves. Despite popular belief, WiFi is NOT an abbreviation of “Wireless Fidelity”. The word – WiFi – is actually a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance, “a non-profit organization that promotes Wi-Fi technology and certifies Wi-Fi products”.

Smart TVs, Tablets, Video games consoles, laptops, digital cameras and cell phones are usually WiFi Compatible.

Truth is, there are reasons why Wireless Internet (or WiFi, as it is commonly referred to) is preferred over Wired Connection. That is not to say that wired connection does not have its benefits – it does, but it also has its limitations. While Wireless Internet also has its limitations, its benefits largely outnumber its limitations.

Don’t believe us? Here are some of the reasons you should:

6 Benefits Of Wireless Internet (WiFi) Over Wired Connection

1.  Mobility

Increased mobility is one of the biggest benefits of wireless internet. Being able to sit anywhere and get connected makes it easier to get things done. Also being able to access the server from anywhere contributes to convenience – which people will always prioritize. Besides that, mobility also adds to practicality. This makes it a premium choice for business and schools or any situation where a lot of people have to be connected to the internet.

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2. Public Usage

Benefits Of Wireless Internet

This is another reason why people tend to appreciate WiFi (wireless connection) over wired connection – the ability to connect to the internet when you’re out of your home or office. Thanks to public WiFi spots in coffee houses, restaurants, bars and such – you can freely get connected when you’re on the move. Sometimes, all you have to do is pay the token price for patronizing their services – usually, that’s not always the case – most of these places have free WiFi. The singular problem with the free Wi-Fi is that they are not entirely secure so anyone can easily hack into what you are doing and tamper or even steal your data, hence you may need to be careful when using them.

But then, it still affords you the freedom you don’t get with the wired connection.

3.  Number Of Users

One of the many benefits of wireless Internet is the number of users that can connect to a network at a time. This is another reason why it is favoured by offices, restaurants and other businesses. When it comes to businesses or offices, they can easily have all their employees (located anywhere in the building) logged on to the network.

Also, when it comes to coffee shops, bars, restaurants or other similar services, whether the customers are paying for the WiFi or it is being given away as a complimentary service, this can ensure that all their customers get a slice of the proverbial pie, so to speak.

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4. Productivity

The combination of mobility, the ability to connect to wireless networks when out of the house/office, and the wide number of allowed users (all mentioned above) all contribute to a higher level of productivity. Being able to work anywhere and anytime you want is definitely a huge plus and also a factor that garners favour among consumers.

It permits nuances that wired connection overlooks, such as being able to reply a work email while waiting for your date who is running late.

5. Safety, Neatness, and Cost

Unlike the wired connection where you will have many Ethernet cables running with no end in clusters, with the WI-FI connectivity, you do not need the cables. Therefore it eliminates any problem of anyone tripping and falling or the problem of not having a neat working environment.

Also, when you try weighing the cost of having the wired and the wireless connection, you will realize that the Wi-Fi is much cheaper.

6. Bring Your Own Device

This also adds to the ‘convenience factor’ that allow WiFi thrive over wired networks. Another of the key benefits of wireless internet is that you can connect to the internet with either your phone, your tablet, your laptop, or any other smart devices you have. This allows you to work, play games or update your social media with whatever device you have with you at the moment, whether you are at home or in a coffee shop.

This privilege cannot be afforded with wired connection. With wired connection, you can only connect to the internet with either your laptop or desktop. It is completely out of the question to connect to the internet when you have just your phone or your tablet with you (for now).

At the end of the day, there will always be reasons and factors that will favour either wireless connection or wired connection – but if convenience is what you desire the most, Wireless Connection is the right option for you.

The big question- Security

Benefits Of Wireless Internet
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The very conscious class will, of course, wake the sleeping elephant in the room with the question of security. This is a very important question because it has proven to be the biggest challenge the internet if forced to grapple with.

As great as it may seem in many ways, the Wireless Internet does not come without the problem of security lapses since data can be intercepted by someone who doesn’t necessarily have to attend a hacking school. In fact, one can set up a wireless network as a bait to steal people’s data; you can trust that it would not take 20 minutes to find people taking the bait.

The good news is that with the latest software and hardware technology, the Wireless Internet can as well be as secure as its wired sibling.


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