Is Avast SecureLine VPN Good? Read Review and How to Fix Common Problems

The function of a virtual private network (VPN) is to keep your information protected from threats and disaster whether at your business place, home, or when you are traveling. One important reason you need to keep your sensitive data safe with a VPN is that the internet is great fun but also has dangers that come with it. Avast SecureLine VPN is one smart basic tool that serves as a personal bubble between the vast world of the internet and your information. Developed by Avast for macOS and iOS operating systems, Microsoft Windows, and Android, the subscription-based service works with other Avast security products, like its internet security and antivirus tools. With SecureLine, you can easily secure your connection when you’re making use of a public WiFi.

Avast SecureLine VPN: Is It Good?

In all fairness, Avast SecureLine VPN has its pros and cons. Talking about its advantages, the tool is one of the easiest VPN services to use and understand. Even if you are a beginner, once you install and set it up within minutes, you will likely forget Avast is running on your computer. The tool doesn’t have a lot of fancy features which are equally useful and good for Netflix. In addition, it has decent speeds, no DNS leaks, killswitch, good server spread, and above all, a user-friendly interface.

That said, if you are looking for a simple VPN app for your mobile device or computer, then go for Avast. It also allows users to safely browse the internet without the whistles and bells of other VPN providers. Did we mention that they are perfect at maintaining entertainment options as well as an open proxy for NetFlix? Yes, they do and also use good encryption.

The Bottom Line: Avast SecureLine VPN is not certainly the best app neither is it a bad choice. It’s very ideal for VPN newbies.


Avast Secureline VPN is 75% good. It has multiple structures that represent different bundles as shown in the table below.

Plan Windows/Mac Android/iOS Ultimate (PC only)
Price Plan
Free monthly
$59.99 yearly
$109.99 for 2 years
$159.99 for 3 years
Free monthly
$119.99 yearly
$219.99 for 2 years
$319.99 for 3 years
Bandwidth Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
Included Devices 1 5 5

According to one version of Avast’s payment page, you can get basic VPN for use on a single type of operating system at the cost of $59.99 and if you want to add an extra OS, you will need to pay more money. For a mobile device or desktop, you will have to pay $79.98 while  $99.98 will get you two desktop devices, one for a  PC and one for a Mac).

You must be ready to pay more money if you really need various add-ons. This option is ideal for people who need these features on one or two devices. If you’re a PC owner, you can get everything packaged together for $119.99. This Ultimate plan comes with a range of other security functions, an antivirus, the ransomware shield, as well as a firewall. Most of these features are available on the money-back option as well as on the seven-day or the 30-day trial. If you eventually made up your mind to upgrade, you will need to pay via PayPal or credit/debit card as Avast doesn’t accept bitcoin or cash.

Avast Secureline VPN Review

The Good

1. Geographically Diverse Servers

Avast SecureLine VPN has geographically diverse servers across six continents. Though Avast isn’t known for having a huge number of servers, it has 29 server locations spread over 21 countries with seven servers stationed in cities across the United States, thereby making it an optimal provider for users in the United States.

2. No Privacy Leaks

SecureLine protects users’ privacy and their DNS leak tests had indicated that users location or identity are not exposed. That could give away your identity or location.

3. Streaming Services Unlocked

Its been found that Secureline has no challenge unblocking catch-up TV services from Comedy Central or even though Netflix US refused to play movies after detecting an unblocker.

4. Simple Service

Avast Secureline is very easy to use. It is highly recommended for VPN newbies.

The Not-So-Good

In summary, Avast Secureline VPN has no split tunneling as well as a choice of encryption protocols. In addition, it has a limited range of devices it supports, pricing and restricted licensing, it has very limited options when it comes to features, and users pay an extra fee to reach out to customer support.

Verdict: Avast Secureline VPN’s biggest plus point is its easy usage. Being a trusted name, it is the go-to app for most beginners though most people with VPN experience usually go for other all-around premium providers. The choice is yours to make but considering most of the things that are needed in a VPN, Secureline is a good choice.

How to Fix Common Problems

To be candid, we want to start this session by pointing out that there is no perfect VPN solution around; not even the premium VPN services of the highest quality can be said to be perfect in all ramifications. With that established, we are dealing on common problems associated with Avast SecureLine VPN and how to sort them out.

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Some common problems most users have experienced include China problem, speed problem, Avast not connecting, invalid subscription, support problem, security and privacy issues, and payment problem. Learn how to fix these problems below.

1. Support Problem

The importance of customer support in any business can never be overemphasized. When you are experiencing a challenge and probably, you’ve checked your end and you found out that the problem is not from you; the next thing will be to reach out to support. And in case, you can’t get the team, the situation becomes frustrating. Many Avast SecureLine VPN users usually complain about not getting the needed help with their issues. We found out that Avast VPN has no live chat support, which is obviously a major drawback and one reason they are not the most effective in support. But don’t let that worry you because there are other places you can turn to.

First and foremost, you can browse their Support page to see if you can get help from answers provided for frequently asked questions. You can also go to the Avast forums or press the Contact Us button at the end of their FAQ page if you need specific help. You will be required to answer some questions and provide some information to the support team, after which your support ticket will be accepted.

Lastly, the VPN service has a toll-free telephone number that is open for business 24/7. On this platform, you will get to talk to a human support representative who will be able to solve your problem.

2. China Problem

Avast SecureLine VPN does not work in China. That’s a simple truth. So, if you are in China or intending to travel to the region, the best thing is to search for a VPN that works in that part of the world because as it stands now, there is no way you use Avast in China.

3. Security & Privacy Issues

There are several kinds of security and privacy problems users can encounter while using Avast VPN. First of all, Avast doesn’t have a wider variety of protocols when it comes to privacy features and online security even though they are considered the best. It only boasts basic features such as AES-256 (bank-grade) encryption and IPsec and OpenVPN on UDP. As alleged by some websites, the VPN service is not totally strict and reliable when it comes to privacy issues regarding sharing data and logging. In other words, its no logs policy is weak. The best way to do this by doing research to find a dependable VPN service that can handle this area.

4. Speed Problems

There are certain causes of poor performance when using Avast Secureline VPN and one of them is the low number of servers. The company has 54 servers in 34 countries which is obviously poor when likened to premium VPN providers’ thousands of servers in fifty to a hundred countries. So, when tens of millions of users switch to this VPN service at the same time as you, you will find out that it will result in overloaded servers all over the place. Another reason users may experience low speeds after connecting to a server is distance. If you are physically far away from an Avast VPN server location, your connection may not be very fast. The best way to handle this is trying to connect to a different server that may be nearer to your location or when fewer people are making use of the net.

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5. Payment Problem

Avast does not in any way offer anonymous payment methods like some VPN services. They basically offer buyers two payment methods which are PayPal and Credit/Debit Card. These two methods link users to a personal VPN account and make it impossible for a subscription to be paid via gift cards, Dash, Bitcoin, or even Ethereum. The worry here is privacy!

If you cherish your privacy and seriously need to stay as anonymous online as possible, then you definitely need an anonymous payment method. You can rectify this, by looking for another VPN service that has anonymous payment methods. This is the only way to solve this Avast VPN problem.

6. Avast VPN Not Connecting

The two most annoying problems Avast Secureline users encounter are dropping connections and inability to connect to VPN servers. Some reasons you may experience these problems include software conflicts, overloaded servers, firewall configuration, a problem on your end (such as an internet connection that is not working), and invalid subscription.


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