Amazon Customer Service Email Address, Phone Number and Live Chat

In today’s world, Amazon has already become a part of the lives of almost all of us. If you are not ordering for something, you are reading something from Audible. As a result of this, Amazon Customer Service has also become something to rely on since no one can guarantee that through the ride there will be no hitches or inquiries to be made.

You can contact the customer center for things such as an error in charges, serious issues with your account, being banned from the site, or other issues or questions you might have. However, for things such as a forgotten password, making or canceling an order, you do not need to contact the center as there are many resources that can be used to fix such.

Before deciding to contact Amazon Customer Service, you may decide to, first of all, check the Amazon help because it makes for different help topics for different problems as well as solutions for various situations or problems.

The fact, however, is that there are times when you may really need to contact the center. The good news for such situations is that the Giant e-Commerce platform has provided many ways that you can contact them including the Email service, Phone call, or even live chat. The reason behind coming up with these various means of contacting the platform is not only because of the large number of customers that it has, but also because according to the company, it has set out to become the most customer-centric company.

Amazon Customer Service: Email Address

Contacting Amazon through email is one way that most people who have more serious issues with the company such as account suspension or other things. If you are a seller on Amazon, this may also be one of the most efficient ways for you to contact Amazon.

While it is a good way of having issues sorted out, it is not the fastest since there will be some delay before you can get a reply. Typically, you will have a response to your emails within 12 hours, but there are also cases that will see you getting back a response in probably a week or even more. While this does not happen always, there are things that may cause it especially on situations that will require you to submit certain things.

If you send an email applying for things such as registration of products, your email may be responded to between 12 hours and a week based on the things involved.

To send an email to Amazon: 

  • If you have an account with Amazon and you want to send an email to Amazon, the first thing to do is to log into your account.
  • At the top of the page, click on Help
  • Under Browse Help Topics, click on Need More Help?
  • In the box that opens, select Contact US
  • Select what you are having a problem with under the What can we help you with?
  • Under Tell us more about your issue, select the issue you are experiencing
  • Next, you may be required to put in more details.
  • In the third part of the section, you will have a place to put select how you want to contact Amazon. Since email is what you want to do, select Email
  • Type in the message in the field provided and then hit the Send E-Mail button.

Sending Email To Amazon Using Mobile App

  • You can also send email to Amazon using the App by launching it
  • Next, click on the menu which is at the top left side of the app. In the drop-down, select Customer Service
  • Tap on Contact Us which you will see under Need more help?
  • You will want to select E-mail customer service
  • A field will appear for you to type in your message. After typing, tap on Send E-Mail and your mail will be sent.

Note: If you send your mail as a customer, you will be notified that your mail will be responded to within 12 hours.

The issue that most people may have is that Amazon does not have a particular email address for customers, so you will need to follow the process above in order to have your issues fixed. The good side, however, is that the site can look and fix whatever problem it is because you are sending the mail through your account.

What Is TheirPhone Number?

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Based on the country you are in, Amazon has different call center numbers. However, there is also the international number:

  • International: 1-206-266-2992.
  • Amazon Customer service phone number for the US: 009 49 941 788788
  • Amazon US: 1-866-216-1072
  • Amazon UK free phone number: 0800 279 7234
  • Amazon London office number: 0207 084 7911

The good thing with this method apart from being one of the most convenient and fastest ways to contact Amazon is that you will always find representatives to answer your calls no matter the time as they work all day round.

Using Amazon or phone App to make the call

Apart from using the Amazon phone number to call the center, you can also use the website or phone app to make the call.


  • After you must have logged into your account, go to help
  • Click on Need More Help? You will find this under Browse Help Topics
  • Select the Issue you need help with
  • Select an Issue
  • You may be asked to provide more details
  • In the third section, select Phone.

Mobile App

The process is not too different on the mobile app.

  • At the top-left side, click on the menu
  • In the drop-down, select the Customer Service
  • Select Call customer service
  • Tap on the issue you are having
  • Select the specific relating issue
  • Select your country and then put in your phone number
  • Now, press the Call button to make the call.

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Amazon Customer Service Live Chat

Of all the means of using the Amazon Customer Service, the live chat is probably the fastest and it could also be the most effective based on the issue you are having.

Accessing the live chat takes the same process as placing a phone call using the website or app, or even sending an email. However, the difference is that instead of selecting either Email or Phone when asked how you want to be contacted, simply select Chat.


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