7VPD – SevenVentures Pitch Day and Startup Competition: 5 Things You Should Know

The media is an informative platform for both business and customers. Most business ventures view advertisement as a portfolio to sell their products and services. Consumers, on the other hand, run to the various advertisement sites to check out new products and eventually purchase these products. Today, the internet and the media shape the consumer behavior and attitude towards a product, therefore playing an important role in the marketing sector of any business venture. Nevertheless, an advertisement is an expensive undertaking, especially for a start-up business and this is where SevenVentures Pitch Day and Startup Competition come in.

Who is The SevenVentures?

SevenVentures is an investment wing of the PrSiebenSat 1 group which is a leading TV and digital marketing platform in Europe. 7VPD has a well built-in approach in video marketing on the internet. Since the launch of the company in 2009, it has continuously become a superlative partner for high-growth Business to Consumers (B2C) companies in the retail service and consumer goods. These companies have to have potential to achieve sustainable success through the use of digital media advertisement.

Partnered with growing companies, 7VPD is a start-up competition where applicants can win monetary packages in the form of TV advertising funding that enables them to easily and quickly sell their business ideas with minimised cost. In general, SevenVentures through the SevenVentures Pitch Day (7VPD) and start-up competition offer a helping hand to upcoming companies with exceptional physical products by supporting them in their advertisement budget.

1) When is the SevenVentures Pitch Day (7VPD) held?

The Seven Ventures Pitch Day happens along with the Digital Life Design (DLD) conference takes place around October every year. The DLD is Europe’s leading digital innovation conference that takes place annually in different cities. It is one of the best networking conferences with accomplished business leaders and international press in attendance, therefore, the 7VPD competition taking place at such a time is a highlight for start-ups to selling their ideas. The event is held in different locations including New York City 2017, Munich 2016, London 2015, Austria and Berlin 2015. In the forthcoming year 2018, the conference is expected to take place on January 21st in Munich Germany.

2) The SevenVentures Pitch Day (7VPD) Affects Businesses Worldwide

On SevenVentures Pitch Day, different teams compete for the ultimate prize where the competitors from all over the world are given strictly 7 minutes to pitch their ideas to an audience and a jury. The vote of the audience counts as one alongside with each jury’s vote to determine an overall winner of the prize. The jury members comprise but not limited to SevenVentures CEO, a presenter; who guides the program and provides advice to the finalist.

The ultimate prize is up to 7 Million Euros worth of TV media coverage. The winner also receives other prizes from various media partners.

3) Who can apply for 7VPD?

SevenVentures aims at creating market leaders by helping companies scale up quickly using digital platform for advertisements. Therefore, companies that are looking to reach out to potential clients through the digital platform are most encouraged to apply for 7VPD. Companies with physical products are encouraged to apply for 7VPD.

4) What Happens To Those Who Lose?

The 7VPD competition provides the competitors with a great opportunity to be seen worldwide and pitch their ideas to a jury composed of potential investors, tech leaders, top VCs and industrial experts. During the pitching of the idea, the audience, consisting of business executives, creative and social leaders presents as a potential pool of consumers and investors. Therefore, the 7 minutes upstage may draw in some customers if not the ultimate prize. In other words, the 7VPD competition comprises of no losers but a great deal of potential for growth.

5 The 7VPD COmpetion Opens Doors For Startups

B2C start-up businesses that deal with physical products are encouraged to participate in the 7VDP competition. The participation will give them a competitive edge in scaling up to a sustainable business venture. Moreover, even if you don’t win the prize, it still would be to the advantage of your venture because it exposes the startup to a potential pool of consumers and investors. Therefore, this ensures that there is no participant who ends up a loser.


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