How to Do Live Stream using Ustream Web Broadcaster

The internet is increasingly becoming the hub for everything anyone needs. From written forms of information to audio and audio-visual, the internet has become the one stop shop for all forms of information. The web contains even live information that is going on as the consumer, reads, hears or watches. It is because of this that livestreaming has become
very popular amongst internet users all over the world. Live streaming refers to a video streaming platform where recording and broadcast happen almost simultaneously. Users of the internet can thus view videos as they are being
recorded. It has become a useful tool for people who love to watch events such as live news, as it happens. One of the most famous ways of livestreaming is using the Ustream broadcaster. It is fast, reliable and versatile. This article
will focus on how to effectively use Ustream’s Web Broadcaster to livestream your favorite videos.

Ustream is a broadcasting platform where users can record, interact directly with their users and provide live program broadcast. All that one requires is a computer with a webcam, good internet connection and, well, you. Once you have these three items you can immediately start your web broadcasting for your viewers in these easy steps.

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Create an account with Ustream/Log into your Ustream account

If you are a first time user, create an account with Ustream to be able to access their web broadcaster. If you already have an active account, log in to the account.

Once you are in the account, you can go live by clicking the Go Live Icon. This will instantly allow you as the user to
start broadcasting.

Before the broadcast officially kicks off, the System will need to confirm from you the user which channel you intend to
broadcast on. The selection is usually from a drop-down list which in this case, we will go for the Ustream Broadcaster.

Depending on whether or not you have permanently allowed the software access to your computer’s webcam and microphone, at this stage, the web broadcaster, through a pop-up grey window, requests for your permission to use the above stated tools. At this juncture, you will allow the system by checking the allow button. It is preferred that since the system is from a trusted source you can skip this step every time you use the system to broadcast by simply checking the always box.

Image: Courtesy of Ustream

At this point, you will go live on your computer. You also be able to adjust your audio and video settings directly
from your screen. This is enhanced by the preview window that should have popped by now. The video and audio can be adjusted at any point of the broadcast by using the settings panel below the preview window.

To commence streaming and recording, use the ‘start streaming’ and ‘start recording’ buttons respectively.

To increase your number of viewers, Ustream has an excellent inbuilt capability where users can share the direct link to the broadcast to other social media platforms such as facebook and twitter. As a broadcaster, you can check your broadcast progress through the link provided below the share button.

Well, there you have it. For all aspiring broadcast enthusiasts, Ustream Web Broadcaster is the way to go.


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