Samsung Starts MWC 2017 Press Conference With An Apology

In the tech world, late last year was a time Samsung gave tech lovers the highest shock of their life particularly for the massive expectations after the release of S7. The big tech company released some dream devices that had faulty batteries and this resulted in several reports of burning batteries. As a result, the company stopped sales claiming they found a problem with the battery in some phones and offered a replacement for the millions of products that had already been sold. The recall of one of its best devices seemed to be a huge embarrassing hitch for the manufacturer. That notwithstanding, Samsung promised to compensate for the misstep.

Samsung MWC 2017 Press Conference

The company started a press conference in Barcelona which is similar to the one that was held at CES 2017. The conference known as MWC (Mobile World Congress) is the biggest gathering for the mobile industry usually organized by GSMA.

At the start of the press conference, the electronics giant gave their sincerest apology for the bad decisions they took with Galaxy Note 7 last year.


In an apology video, the company showed that they are trying very hard to correct the much-talked-about mistake. The video also shows that they are testing out their devices and ensuring they are up to standard.

Since the numerous reports of the Note 7 catching fire, Samsung has been doing their best to be as open as they can possibly be with their customers who had lost trust in them.

The apology came from the Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung Electronics Europe, David Lowes. He noted that the past six months had been one of the most troubling in their company’s history, literally.

The Marketing Officer further accepted that they didn’t meet their standard of exceptionality which they aim at but are ready to make the most of their mistakes by improving on them.

According to him “We did not have the highest standards of quality and reliability that we set for ourselves. We’re determined to learn every possible lesson. We recognize that earning consumer’s trust can only be done by actions and words.”

Lowes also revealed that Samsung has created a team of advisory board experts to advise them on safety.

One of the measures set up after the past event is having every product that they release go through a vigorous 8-point battery test before it is put for sale.

Basically, Lowes, in fact, restated the specifics which the company announced during their press conference earlier this year in Korea where they stated publicly the technical issues that had caused the Galaxy Note 7 batteries issues.

The company is doing its possible best to completely ignore the unpleasant incident of last year and rather put the energy into producing reliable products that are safe for their customers.

Among the great devices that were announced during the conference in Barcelona include the Galaxy Tab S3, Galaxy Book and the new Gear VR with Controller. These products were said to be on the shelves in the next few weeks.  Samsung also at the conference announced the release date for the Galaxy S8 which was on March 29th in New York City at an Unpacked event.

Basic Issues Of Samsung Note 7 That Were Discussed At The MWC Conference


Based on the investigations carried out by the company itself, the problems of  Samsung Note 7  batteries came from different battery suppliers they used. The company sourced batteries from SDI and Amperex Technology Limited. The batteries that were gotten from Samsung SDI had no sufficient space between the heat-sealed protective seal around the battery. This led to its internal electrodes to get compressed with the separators getting weak between the electrodes. The adverse effect is short-circuiting that we’ve seen.

The second battery from Amperex Technology Technology Limited, some cells didn’t have insulation tape and some batters had pro

In the case of batteries sourced from Amperex Technology Limited, some cells were missing insulation tape, and some batteries had sharp bumps inside the cell that caused the damage of the separator between the anode and cathode. In general, the batteries had thin separators, which made it more porous to separator damage and short-circuiting

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