10 Startup Competitions for Boosting Your Business

Are you planning to launch a new product? Are you willing to pitch your business or looking for investors to invest in your product? Well, a wide array of startup competitions are being held these days to provide different opportunities for taking your business to a soaring new height. One of the best options for testing the skill is entering one of the startup competitions. These competitions are a great option to win exciting prizes, find investors, seek tips for the growth of your business, etc. This write-up comprises of the list of 10 startup competitions that will be putting you ahead in the game, thereby conferring a boost to your start-up. Take a look!

List of Startup Competitions

1. Huggies MomInspired Grant Program

Huggies MomInspired Grant Program is recognized to be the yearly grant for different startups as well as product ideas that are inspired by moms. It awards business resources and grants to mothers for the development of their startups and original product ideas. The judging panel will be reviewing the submissions that are under the consideration and evaluating the same thoroughly on the basis of different qualities.

2. Y Combinator

Y Combinator happens to be one of the most popular startup competitions that can give a boost to your business. This can provide an excellent opportunity to you for finding the prerequisite funds for your business. The judging panel will take decision who will receive the funds, after conducting different interviews. They will also reimburse the reasonable travel expenses.

3. Hatch Pitch Startup Competitions

Hatch Pitch has gained a high reputation as revolutionary pitch competition among the venture, angel, and corporate investors. Since the year of 2012, almost 60 HATCH pitch finalists have been successful in raising above $200 million. For the last five years, the Hatch pitch has been successful in matching the finest coaches across the world with chosen tech startups that get chances of pitching at the SXSW interactive.

4. MassChallenge Startup Accelerator

MassChallenge Startup Accelerator happens to be one of the leading startup competitions that can provide a boost to your business. This competition has earned a high reputation in rendering support to the early stage entrepreneurs. They count to be the most startup friendly accelerators across the globe. This competition offers amazing cash prizes for helping startups to gain success.

5. NYC Next Idea Competition

NYC Next Idea Competition is yet another worth mentioning startup competition, for enhancing the growth of your business. It is recognized to be a selective international program which is beneficial for successful entrepreneurs in taking the venture to the ultimate next level. With the aid of this competition, you will be able to seek different opportunities for expanding your business to different cities across the globe.

6. MIT 100k Entrepreneurship Startup Competition

If you are looking for options to grow your business, you can give a consideration to participate in MIT 100k Entrepreneurship Competition. It is recognized to be a 60 second Pitch Contest that brings researchers and students from Greater Boston and MIT for launching their technology, ideas, and talent into the leading companies.

7. The Big Sell

The Big Sell is yet another startup competition where prizes exceed an amount of $120,000. You can seek participation in this competition in order to render success to your business.

8. TechCrunch Disrupt (Startup Battlefield ) NY

TechCrunch Disrupt (Startup Battlefield ) NY happens to be one of the leading startup competition where you can have ample chances of boosting the business. You have the chances to interact with the media, find investors as you take participation in this competition. You can win a cash prize that will help to grow your business. You can procure useful tips from the leading business experts for the growth of your business. Every year, a wide number of people participate in this competition in order to give a boost to their business.

9. Innotribe Startup Challenge

Innotribe Startup Challenge contributes to being one of the top startup competitions that can be useful for different businesses. They are primarily for businesses which are focused to transform the finances. It is a great platform to connect ideas, networks, and people.

10. Shopify- Build a business

You are sure to get assistance in launching a business as you enter the competition of Shopify. Build a Business is known to be one of the leading entrepreneurial contests across the world.

The above-mentioned competitions have helped a bunch of business in gaining success. If you are looking for opportunities to grow your business, taking participation in the above competitions is sure to assist you.


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